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Top 15 New Home Short Quotes

#1. Maybe the price of forgetting that even in America, even in New York City, when a man back home is talking, you better listen closely.

Brian Koppelman

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#2. It's very important to think optimistically. You've got to think to yourself, 'I'm going to get better every day.'

Ty Simpkins

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#3. I chose not to go home and struggle with the New York scene. My size sort of locked me out. I was too short for the stage. I would have been doing character roles, so I went to Los Angeles. There is a lot more happening out there. I also felt it was important to break away from my family.

Julie Warner

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#4. A year earlier my parents had moved us out of the city to a split-level on Long Island, their idea of the American dream, which meant it as now an hour-and-a-half commute via the 7:06 Hicksville to Penn Station every morning. (Dark City Lights)

Jonathan Santlofer

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#5. [Ed Grimley] lives in a retirement home in New Jersey. It's called the Retirement Home in New Jersey for Characters Who Were Interesting in the '80s for About an Hour. He's there with the Whiners, Gumby and Jon Lovitz's 'That's the ticket' guy.

Martin Short

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#6. Trinity Royal, which was being nuzzled by a dozen small launches nosing into her flank like piglets suckling on a sow.

Bernard Cornwell

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#7. Stephan was secretive and a liar, but he was a very gentle and expert lover. She was the petted, cherished child, the desired mistress, the worshipped, perfumed goddess. She was all these things to Stephan - or so he made her believe.

Jean Rhys

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#8. Mmm, being irresistibly likeable is such a trial,' she drawled in an impeccable aristocratic whine. 'One is constantly in demand, but one must do one's duty, mustn't one, dear chap? Noblesse oblige and all that ...

Susan Napier

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#9. And nothing embittered me, which is important, because I think ethnic people and women in this society can end up being embittered because of the lack of affirmative action, you know.

James Earl Jones

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#10. I am a hot-blooded fire and I am fearless.

Amy Schumer

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#11. Now make your idea grow. Think about it. Tie the idea to related ideas. Read anything you can find that is in any way akin to your idea. Investigate all angles. Then, when the time is ripe, put it to work for yourself, your job, your future.

David J. Schwartz

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#12. I love lyrics. They help me to figure things out.

Colleen Saidman

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#13. They say that a few minutes each day of petting your dog can raise your serotonin levels.

Neil S. Plakcy

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#14. All our lives, we long, we long, thinking it is the moon we long for. So how, when we meet it in the shape of a most fair woman, can we do less than leave all others for her? WB Yeats

Orna Ross

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#15. Give us that calm certainty of truth, that nearness to Thee, that conviction of the reality of the life to come, which we shall need to bear us through the troubles of this.

Henry Ward Beecher

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