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Top 52 Never Say Truth Quotes

#1. Guns tell the truth. Guns never say, "I'm only kidding." War is ugly because the truth can be ugly and war is very sincere. - Author: Gustav Hasford
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#2. Don't lie!' 'Tell the truth!' are words which we must never say to another person in so far as we consider him our equal. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#3. The truth is the truth. 'Rarely pure and never simple,' as Oscar Wilde would say. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#4. It might sound a paradoxical thing to say
for surely never has a generation of children occupied more sheer hours of parental time
but the truth is that we neglected you. We allowed you a charade of trivial freedoms ... - Author: Midge Decter
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#5. To tell you the truth, I've never met anybody who can envision more than three dimensions. There are some who claim they can, and maybe they can; it's hard to say. - Author: Brian Greene
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#6. Now it is quite true to say that curiosity, exactly like its analogue, lust, never ends and is never satisfied; but man was made for something more than this. He was made to rise, above curiosity and lust, to love, and through love to the attainment of truth. - Author: Seraphim Rose
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#7. To forgive' is divine they say, and 'to forget', attracts blessings, but to go a step further, and learn a lesson from a bad encounter/ experience is an act of wisdom;and promise oneself that you will never allow yourself to be exposed to such a thing or a person or even an idea again. - Author: Henrietta Newton Martin
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#8. I've always been impelled to say the truth. When I was 14, in 1954, I already wrote a gay novel, though I'd never read one. I felt that life handed me a great subject, gay life, that had scarcely been examined, and I was impelled to record it in all its strange detail. - Author: Edmund White
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#9. I never regret things. It's a really dangerous thing to say, but for anyone involved in the arts, the bad things that happen make for good material. It's not a comfortable truth, but it is true. - Author: Antony Sher
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#10. Never mind the truth. The past is what I say it is. That is the freedom of teaching the ignorant. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#11. You must learn to know the difference between tales and the truth, my Liza, she would say. Fairy tales have a habit of ending too soon. They never show what happens afterwards when the prince and princess ride off the page. - Author: Kate Morton
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#12. Do you know what you're saying when you say, "Whatever"? It's just a code word for the f-word, followed by "you." And at your age, you never, ever. say that to anyone.' " Blaze leaned back. "So now, when someone says it to me, I just say, 'You too.' (72) - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#13. When in doubt, tell the truth. That maxim I did invent, but never expected it to be applied to me. I did say, "When you are in doubt," but when I am in doubt myself I use more sagacity. - Author: Mark Twain
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#14. Nights in white satin never reaching the end
Letters I've written never meaning to send
Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before
Just what the truth is I can't say any more
Cause I love you
Yes I love you
Oh how I love you - Author: Justin Hayward
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#15. You're never totally sure. I shouldn't say that because you have to pretend you're completely self-secure all the time. But, the truth is, I know what I'm doing. I think I know what I'm doing. - Author: Julie Delpy
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#16. People say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you'd lose it." - Anonymous - Author: Clarissa Wild
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#17. It's all very boring to say that we get along great and all that and sometimes we mock up come aggravation to make it interesting but the truth of it is that we get along so well we've never had an argument. - Author: Dave Edmunds
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#18. Here's something else to think about: calling when you say you're going to is the very first brick in the house you are building of love and trust. If he can't lay this one stupid brick down, you ain't never gonna have a house baby, and it's cold outside. - Author: Greg Behrendt
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#19. Christians who say we are not to judge others are only partially correct! Judging rightly is what Jesus commands. Love and truth are "The Commanded Conjoined Twins" for Jesus Followers; they must never be separated if we wish to obey Jesus' "Platinum Rule"! - Author: Gary Patton
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#20. The truth is always a compound of two half- truths, and you never reach it, because there is always something more to say. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#21. I didn't know what to say to Mal. I never did these days. But maybe I could just start with the truth: that I was lost and confused, and maybe losing my mind, that I scared myself sometimes, and that I missed him so much it was like physical pain. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#22. You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. - Author: William Wilberforce
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#23. So with truth - there is a certain moment when one can say, this is the truth and here I put a dot, a stop, and I go to another thing. A judge has to put an end to a deliberation. But for a historian, there's never an end to the past. It can go on and on and on. - Author: A. B. Yehoshua
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#24. Inevitability is a comfortable escape for people who don't care for the pain that comes with truth. They convince themselves that they had no hand or say in the matter, that whatever happened could not be stopped no matter what they personally did, and so blame can never be placed upon them. - Author: T.A. Miles
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#25. I'd like to say I deserve you, but the truth is I don't and never will. You deserve a prince, and you're not going to catch him wearing that. - Author: Jen McLaughlin
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#26. I can't say yes (a gentleman never tells). But I'd lie if I said no. - Author: Bogdan Vaida
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#27. You know how they say you can never go home again?
They're full of it. The truth is, you can never leave home. Not completely. - Author: Jay Bell
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#28. Any concept of grace that makes us feel more comfortable sinning is not biblical grace. God's grace never encourages us to live in sin, on the contrary, it empowers us to say no to sin and yes to truth. - Author: Randy Alcorn
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#29. You were the hardest year of my life and I've never been so happy. What does that say about me? - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#30. I say, sir, that you can never make an intelligent judgment without evidence. - Author: Malcolm X
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#31. I would not know what to say to you, except this: there was never a map that got it all right, and truth and beauty were never married to one another for long. - Author: Reif Larsen
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#32. People who say, "it is not my fault," continuously fail. People who say, "I've done no wrong," have not done enough right. People who say, "I am done!" are never done repeating the cycle. Even in the privacy of our own thoughts, we can't sow lies and reap truth. - Author: Katina Ferguson
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#33. I am going to say something I have never said before and this is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you and God knows I am telling the truth. I think all my success and fame and I have wanted it, I have wanted it because I wanted to be loved. That's all. That's the real truth. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#34. Truth, they say, is but too often in difficulties, but is never finally suppressed. - Author: Livy
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#35. The over-all impression is one of a town that is waiting to die. It is not enough, these days, to say that Chamberlain will never be the same. It may be closer to the truth to say that Chamberlain will simply never again be. - Author: Stephen King
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#36. I say, when you tell the truth, you never offend nobody, particularly if you do it with dignity. - Author: Pat Cooper
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#37. Candor is never indiscreet. Truth, which is to say, the reflection of life, is beautiful. - Author: Jack Vance
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#38. You think people never say what they mean. The truth is, nine times out of ten what they say is all they mean. - Author: Zia Haider Rahman
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#39. I just think if you don't say the honest thing, sometimes the honest thing never becomes true, you know, and I- - Author: John Green
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#40. During the late war I had an infallible rule for deciding what Great Britain would do on every occasion. It was, to consider what they ought to do, and to take the reverse of that as what they would assuredly do, and I can say with truth that I was never deceived. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#41. What we desire in our hearts, Arathan, and what must be ... well, that is a rare embrace, so rare you're likely to never know it. You have lived that truth. I have no promises to make you. I cannot say what awaits you, but you are now in your year and the time has come for you to make your life. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#42. My truth is everyone else's lies. My lies are their comfort. Telling the truth makes people uncomfortable. Who am I to cause anyone discomfort on purpose? Lying works. Lying makes it all better. Lying is my gift to everyone around me. They never even say thank you. - Author: Kathryn Perez
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#43. I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for awhile, and that's the truth, the whole truth. The unvanquished truth, is how Freak would say it, and for a long time it was him who did the talking. - Author: Rodman Philbrick
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#44. Always have the guts to tell people the things they must hear. Because your words, no matter how difficult to say, might be the gift to their freedom. Maybe, your unfounded fears were never theirs. Because truth is how people move on. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#45. Last night it had been my father who had finally said it: "She's never coming home." A clear and easy piece of truth that everyone who had ever known me had accepted. But he needed to say it, and she needed to hear him say it. - Author: Alice Sebold
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#46. Sometimes I dread the truth of the lines I say. But the dread must never show. - Author: Vivien Leigh
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#47. It's different this time,' they used to like to say. But it's never different. Life has a way of reminding you of that truth every few years. One day everything worked and then suddenly it stopped. - Author: Paul MacDonald
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#48. I am nowhere close to finished but I'm the kind of busy that feels eternal, the kind where you can't say I'll be done in a few hours because the truth is you will never, ever, be done. - Author: Nina LaCour
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#49. If I want to define myself, I first have to say, "I am a woman"; all other assertions will arise from this basic truth. A man never begins by positing himself as an individual of a certain sex: that he is a man is obvious. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#50. I hate telling people this. I never know exactly how my voice is going to sound saying it, and I hate the stricken looks they get on their faces when they don't know what to say back. - Author: Kendare Blake
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#51. I would never say that GOD did not do anything I wished for he made it come true. - Author: Nadair Desmar
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#52. Even if the past exists as an independent reality outside the minds of those who write about it, we can never know that reality. Historians and writers of historical fiction attempt to fill in the gaps, to say: 'This is how it might have been.' - Author: John Zanetti
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