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Top 18 Neoclassical Quotes

#1. How lucky I am to have known somebody and something that saying goodbye to is so damned awful. - Author: Evans G. Valens
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#2. Neoclassical economics insists that advertising cannot force consumers to buy anything they don't already want to buy. - Author: Christopher Lasch
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#3. Proving that profit is economically and morally justifiable, rather then the result of exploitation, has been a central preoccupation of neoclassical economists. - Author: Jim Stanford
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#4. Yes," Tanner nodded. "I have great appreciation for neoclassical architecture. The ten pillars in the portico give the building a remarkable feeling of dignity and charm."

Bethany lowered her eyes and stifled a giggle. When Tanner put on an act, he put it on well. - Author: Carol Kinsey
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#5. Neoclassical economics ... has uncovered important truths about the nature of money and markets because its fundamental model of rational self-interested human behavior is correct about 80% of the time. - Author: Francis Fukuyama
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#6. Lawyers love paper. They eat, sleep and dream paper. They turn paper into gold, and their files are colorful and their language neoclassical and calli-graphically bewigged. - Author: Karl Shapiro
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#7. There is no explaining why you love the people who belonged to you. No explaining why you couldn't be objective about them, or indifferent to their disapproval. They are woven into your soul with millions of threads, and cutting them out would make you bleed... - Author: Marjorie Dorner
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#8. This is known as the Pareto criterion and forms the basis for all judgements on social improvements in Neoclassical economics today. - Author: Ha-Joon Chang
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#9. Tommy showed me around, starting with the photos on the walls, many of which were of himself, including a few grand, framed neoclassical portraits he'd had done. - Author: Greg Sestero
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#10. Enquirer, cease, Petitions yet remain,
Which Heav'n may hear, nor deem Religion vain.
Still raise for Good the supplicating Voice,
But leave to Heav'n the Measure and the Choice. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#11. Economics has paid a terrible price for its dalliances with the Keynesian and neoclassical theories. - Author: Edmund Phelps
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#12. Divine fires do not blaze each day, but an artist functions in their afterglow hoping for their recurrence. - Author: Ned Rorem
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#13. What people discard could make a nation - Author: Don DeLillo
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#14. I knew I was different from the rest of you plebes. Look how silly and gothic you all look with your skinny, knobbed arms. I'm unique. Neoclassical. - Author: N.D. Wilson
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#15. Economists got away from really questioning how the world works, how decisions actually got made. If something doesn't conform to neoclassical models ... people are not somehow behaving themselves properly. - Author: W. Brian Arthur
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#16. One of the Age of Enlightenment's most hypnotic images is Ledoux's rendering of his neoclassical theater of 1775 - 1784 in Besancon, surreally reflected in the colossal eye of an unidentified cosmic being. - Author: Martin Filler
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#17. What we consider typical of the male is a question I ask myself quite often - it's relevant to my life as an actor and as a man. - Author: Elliot Cowan
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#18. In this century, we are about to enter interplanetary civilization.
In order to survive, we need to go beyond neoclassical economics definition.
We define it as interplanomics. - Author: Toba Beta
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