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#1. Daphne, whatever you could think of in your wildest imagination, there is a game for it and probably has been for a thousand years.' He pulled off his shirt and advanced on her. 'For example, there is the lovely lady taken up against the wall game. I'll show you how it is played.

Madeline Hunter

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#2. I'm a dedicated Republican and a proud party man.

Ed Gillespie

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#3. Love, in fact, is the spiritual life; and without it, all other exercises of the spirit are emptied of content.

Thomas Merton

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#4. Susan always claimed that when I ate a sub I looked like I'd fought with it.

Robert B. Parker

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#5. Acting is doing. It's not speaking; it's behavior. It's something happening, even if you're only listening.

Wayne Rogers

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#6. It has been a bitter mortification for me to digest the conclusion that the "race is for the strong" and that I shall probably do little more but be content to admire the strides others made in science.

Charles Darwin

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#7. Remember, life gives us warnings for a reason. Learn from this. Do things differently.

Jon Gordon

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