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#1. No one had to tell me I was never going to be a home run hitter. I was hitting the same ball as the rest of the players, but when the big guys cracked one, it went out of the park. Mine went out of the infield. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#2. Experience is a good teacher, but her fees are very high. - Author: William Ralph Inge
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#3. (Jim) Landis is such a good player because he plays every day as if he expects to be sent to the minors next week. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#4. On tiptoes the redhead wouldn't even reach my shoulders; she is clearly too young to be a bride. And the willowy girl is too forlorn. And I am too unwilling.
Yet here we are. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#5. On two legs, Mickey Mantle would have been the greatest ballplayer who ever lived. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#6. Second base is anything but magic. If it's anything at all, it's speed, sureness with your hands and lots of hard work. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#7. All small men, all non-power hitters, must learn to bunt well. It's half your game. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#8. We are born nude and everything after that is drag. - Author: RuPaul
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#9. We really had baseball in the family. Even that little habit I've got of chewing tobacco on the ball field sort of comes from my dad. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#10. Don't try to cover your mistakes with false words. Rather, correct your mistakes with examination. - Author: Pythagoras
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#11. Hair, in fact, is probably the bane of most women's lives. - Author: Joan Collins
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#12. We live in a magic time, Kanefionn Stoneweaver. Who is to say that it is not you who create these marvels? - Author: Amanda Orneck
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#13. If a ballplayer is satisfied, he's going to slip. You have to keep fighting to improve. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#14. I try to have the motto of living life with no regrets. - Author: Matt Flynn
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#15. I don't think anyone ever liked to play more than I did. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#16. It isn't so much what's on the table that matters, as what's on the chairs. - Author: W.S. Gilbert
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#17. I didn't get anything published until I was thirty-three, and yet I'd written five novels and six or seven plays. The plays, I should point out, were dreadful. - Author: Edmund White
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#18. We won (the pennant) because we've got a superior ball club. Not many stars perhaps, but the kind of team that always plays well together. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#19. On October 19, 1949, I got a telephone call from the Philadelphia (A's) front office informing me I had been traded to the White Sox for Joe Tipton. I was surprised and hurt. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#20. (Doc) Cramer told me I was hitting too much off the front foot and that I wasn't using the right kind of bat. I had been using a long, skinny stick and Cramer got me a thicker one. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#21. What is the top requirement for a second baseman? A fine shortstop. I am fortunate in having the greatest shortstop in baseball, Luis Aparicio. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#22. Suzuki's works on Zen Buddhism are among the best contributions to the knowledge of living Buddhism ... We cannot be sufficiently grateful to the author, first for the fact of his having brought Zen closer to Western understanding, and secondly for the manner in which he has achieved this task. - Author: D.T. Suzuki
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#23. You don't have to be big to be a big leaguer. Look at Phil Rizzuto. He's really small and he's been one of the greatest that ever was. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#24. Dissimulation was his masterpiece; in which he so much excelled that men were not ashamed of being deceived but twice by him. - Author: Edward Hyde, 1st Earl Of Clarendon
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#25. Always trust your gut, even when it makes you feel like a total bitch. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#26. Maybe that was just childhood? You hurry up, pick the opposite path, try to make childhood end. Then, as an adult, you have no idea why you were running away. What, exactly, you needed so desperately to get away from. - Author: Laura Dave
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#27. (Al) Lopez is a great believer in speed and hustle, in the go-go style of baseball. No other manager is so determined a foe of stodgy baseball, lack of hustle and slipshod practices and so powerful an advocate of the unexpected. - Author: Nellie Fox
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#28. I never imagined I'd meet Berry Gordy who told me when he first heard me sing, "You know, your singing's okay, but I like your harmonica playing better." - Author: Stevie Wonder
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#29. Very broadly speaking, you can put directors into two areas: One for whom you work, and the other with whom you work. And I prefer the latter, for obvious reasons. - Author: John Hurt
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