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#1. The problem in the modern spiritual landscape is not only a plethora of genuine, useful material but also a marketplace teeming with questionable ideas, practices, and leaders. - Author: Thomas Moore Quotes #47726
#2. The Republican Party and the conservative free market movement have been presidentially focused for too long. - Author: Grover Norquist Quotes #56023
#3. You know in my own area of Waltham Forest, we've had many murders as a result of the gang violence and often innocent bystanders get caught up in it. - Author: Iain Duncan Smith Quotes #448657
#4. God would have us cherish even the smallest of blessings, for in taking a blessing for granted we are well on our way to taking it to its grave. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough Quotes #518422
#5. Dilettantes appreciate the work, professors the master at the same time. - Author: Franz Grillparzer Quotes #616346
#6. It was his duty as a card-carrying Knight in Shining Armor to answer the call of a woman in distress.
Okay, he didn't actually have a card, but still ... - Author: Alexandra Ivy Quotes #727371
#7. Great powers can't get tired, because the international order is not self-governing. - Author: Condoleezza Rice Quotes #798182
#8. If I fail as Jamie Foxx, I'll just change my name and come back as something else. - Author: Jamie Foxx Quotes #1073058
#9. Not to speak disparagingly of Justin Bieber or Rihanna, but they're not so hands-on with their image or their sound. They don't write the music. They have people doing things for them. - Author: Lady Starlight Quotes #1094286
#10. Selfishness is the grand moving principle of nine-tenths of our actions. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld Quotes #1283652
#11. The early Sumerian pictograph for god was an asterisk, the symbol of the stars. The early Aztec word for god was Teotl, and its glyph was a representation of the Sun. The heavens were called Teoatl, the godsea, the cosmic ocean. - Author: Carl Sagan Quotes #1367725
#12. Katie commented that Americans had lost the ability to enjoy themselves. "We watch television," Dave said. - Author: Jack McDevitt Quotes #1463744

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