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Top 20 Nazis Propaganda Quotes

#1. The Nazis learned their propaganda from the progressive movement in the United States. - Author: Glenn Beck
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#2. Minho flexed his right arm. If these people are really the girls Aris was hanging out with, I'll show 'em these guns of mine and they'll go runnin'. - Author: James Dashner
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#3. I lost in the 1988 Olympics, and I was pretty depressed for about eight years. I quit wrestling, and I got into Brazilian jujitsu in 1991. - Author: Mark Schultz
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#4. I wrote two plotted books, got some of the fundamentals of storytelling down, then ... it's sort of like taking the training wheels off, trying to write a book that's fun in the same way without relying on quite such mechanical or external beats. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#5. People in all walks of life, and especially business, do not want to experience the collapse of cities like New York along with global finance and economy in chaos, but this is what business faces if we continue to attribute climate change to fossil fuels alone. - Author: Allan Savory
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#6. As a kid, I spent every summer bent over a stack of books, obsessively writing detailed reports on each one. - Author: Diablo Cody
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#7. Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. - Author: Roger Bacon
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#8. The United States has it's own propaganda, but it's very effective because people don't realize that it's propaganda. And it's subtle, but it's actually a much stronger propaganda machine than the Nazis had but it's funded in a different way. - Author: Crispin Glover
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#9. Son of a f**king whore," Avasarala said, loud enough to cut through the background buzz of conversations.
The crowd turned to her. She was looking at her hand terminal.
"What's a whore, Daddy?"
"It's a kind of frost, honey," Prax said. "What's going on? - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#10. I have solid decent people around me, and I believe that is all it is, because you will get destroyed if you have people bringing you down. - Author: Alicia Keys
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#11. They [NPR] are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism. These guys don't want any other point of view. They don't even feel guilty using tax dollars to spout their propaganda. They are basically Air America with government funding to keep them alive. - Author: Roger Ailes
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#12. There's nothing more powerful than coming out and being who you are. - Author: Ken Mehlman
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#13. But I'd better not go to fast in my story, for all things want their order, and no matter how early one gets up, dawn doesn't come any sooner. - Author: Camilo Jose Cela Conde
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#14. Strengthened by the experiences of almost two decades in the various capitals, the Nazis were confident that their best "propaganda" would be their racial policy itself, from which, despite many other compromises and broken promises, they had never swerved for expediency's sake. - Author: Hannah Arendt
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#15. You see in times of crisis that extremist forces, populist forces, have a better ground to oversimplify things and to manipulate feelings. Feelings of fear. - Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
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#16. As factual and thoughtful literature began to seep in, against the Nazis' will, and replace the reams of Nazi propaganda, I began to see the German Jew in his historical role, in his good as well as his bad light. - Author: Martha Dodd
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#17. I try to be as honest and open as I am with everything that I do because it's just, um, It helps me, you know, like whether it's stand up or singing or act. I just try to stay true. - Author: Jamie Foxx
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#18. Understanding is a two-way operation; the learner has to question himself and question the teacher. - Author: Mortimer J. Adler
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#19. Working as a solo artist has given me a confidence that I didn't have with Blondie. - Author: Debbie Harry
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#20. Life is a game like any other; we just don't take it as seriously. - Author: Babe Ruth
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