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#1. I want to follow him. I want to go where his show is and just lie on the sidewalk outside so he can trip over me. Okay? That's how pathetic I am now. You should be thrilled. I - Author: Maureen Johnson
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#2. Memory works like the collection glass in the Camera obscura: it gathers everything together and therewith produces a far more beautiful picture than was present originally. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#3. Life is too short. If you're afraid of falling, then you're afraid of living. Fight with me, Emma. -Aiden (Fight With Me) - Author: Nicole Callesto
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#4. And I don't care what age you are, kissing in the rain is the best. - Author: Carew Papritz
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#5. I am a physician. I keep a drug-shop of lies. I give relief, consolation. Can one console and relieve without lying? ... Only women and doctors know how necessary and how helpful lies are to men. - Author: Anatole France
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#6. Life is not a discrete phenomenon it is a part of an intelligent cosmic field. It is a cosmic dance. - Author: Amit Ray
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#7. Anyone who limits her vision to memories of yesterday is already dead. - Author: Lillie Langtry
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#8. It's one of your most attractive qualities, you know, you never snore. Rare ad precious and - his voice dropped, though they were alone on the platform - sadly underrated in a bed partner - Author: K.J. Charles
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#9. I'm here to score a lot of goals. It's my specialty, that's what I've been brought here to do, and I want to score plenty ; like I did with Barcelona. And here, there's every reason to think I can do it. - Author: Ronaldo
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#10. The day
Was like the buzzard on the pine. - Author: Norman MacCaig
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#11. When you handle books all day long, every new one is a friend and a temptation. - Author: Elizabeth Kostova
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