Top 13 Nasir Khusraw Quotes

#1. A blossom full of promise is life's joy,
That never comes to fruit. Hope, for a time,
Suns the young floweret in its gladsome light,
And it looks flourishing
a little while
'T is pass'd, we know not whither, but 't is gone.

Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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#2. Keep off their radar of those likely to exhibit unacceptable behaviour upon others.

Steven Redhead

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#3. Clara tried to give the eulogy, but couldn't speak. Her words stuck at the lump in her throat. And so Myrna took over, holding her hand while Clara stood beside her.

Louise Penny

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#4. Sense and Sensibility signs litter Devon
arrows with S & S on. Whenever Ang [Lee] sees a B & B sign he thinks it's for another movie.

Emma Thompson

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#5. Of all social institutions language is least amenable to initiative. It blends with the life of society, and the latter, inert by nature, is a prime conservative force.

Ferdinand De Saussure

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#6. Kindle the candle of intellect in your heart and hasten with it to the world of brightness.

Nasir-i Khusraw

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#7. An old man was asked what had robbed him of joy in his life. His reply was, "Things that never happened."

Dale Carnegie

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#8. Then a friend of Jim's suggested we make a theme song to explain the story, and this is where the Mads came from. Josh and I wrote it into the theme song.

Joel Hodgson

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#9. Writing is like riding a bicycle: you don't forget how, even if you go for years without doing it.

Isabel Allende

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#10. In the spring, a middle-aged man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of gardening.

Richard Martinus

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#11. Rankings are not so important. I am only focused on winning tournaments.

Saina Nehwal

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#12. An ounce of love can overcome a mountain of fear.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#13. She pressed her mouth to his throat, his shoulder, would have absorbed him into her skin if she'd known a way.

Nora Roberts

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