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#1. Everyone keeps looking on their defects. It's not like everyone's perfect, we all are are ugly and at the same time beautiful. It's just how we should carry and believe in ourselves. Nasa attitude yan, wala sa hitsura - Author: HaveYouSeenThisGirL
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#2. In 2010 and 2012, I won the Democratic nomination in the 22nd Congressional District on the program 'Save NASA Impeach Obama,' without any organizational or financial backing from the party. - Author: Kesha Rogers
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#3. NASA should start thinking about this planet. - Author: Wally Schirra
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#4. Two months after I got out of test pilot school, I saw an advert that said NASA was recruiting more astronauts. The best job you could have as a test pilot was being an astronaut, so I volunteered. - Author: Charles Duke
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#5. At a press conference yesterday NASA announced that 2005 was the hottest year on record. It is so hot, and global warming is so bad, if the presidential election were held today, Al Gore would still lose. - Author: Jay Leno
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#6. NASA wanted to assure its ability to examine the spacecraft in orbit for signs of damage. - Author: Marc Garneau
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#7. Science, enabled by engineering, empowered by NASA, tells us not only that we are in the universe but that the universe is in us. And for me, that sense of belonging elevates, not denigrates, the ego. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#8. For quite some time, women at NASA only had scientific backgrounds. - Author: Sally Ride
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#9. Returning to the Moon with NASA astronauts is not the best usage of our resources. Because OUR resources should be directed to outward, beyond-the-moon, to establishing habitation and laboratories on the surface of Mars that can be built, assembled, from the close-by moons of Mars. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#10. NASA's myriad failures are in many ways the natural consequence of a catastrophic combination of bureaucracy, monopoly, and a calcifying aversion to the kind of risk necessary for innovation. - Author: Burt Rutan
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#11. I'm substantially concerned about the policy directions of the space agency. We have a situation in the U.S. where the White House and Congress are at odds over what the future direction should be. They're sort of playing a game and NASA is the shuttlecock that they're hitting back and forth. - Author: Neil Armstrong
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#12. A new Republican Congress is taking over. Sen. Ted Cruz has been appointed tooverseeing NASA in Congress. He says he wants NASA to focus on finding aliens so he can deport them. - Author: Conan O'Brien
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#13. The complete Apollo team...directly involves slightly over 400,000 people...Included are some if the country's foremost scientists and engineers. This mobilization of men and resources is unprecedented in history since WWII - Author: Martha Lemasters
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#14. I did not come to NASA to make history. - Author: Sally Ride
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#15. We need to look at NASA, not as a handout, but as an investment. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#16. Fortunately, I got called down to NASA for an interview. And one thing led to the next, and one day I got that call. I've been here about seven years now and am really enjoying it. - Author: Michael P. Anderson
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#17. When NASA says they're going into space, they don't mean up and back. They mean orbit. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#18. One of my favorite retailers has a release process that rivals a NASA launch sequence. - Author: Michael T. Nygard
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#19. I was born the same week NASA was founded, so we're the same age and feel some of the same pains, joys, and frustrations. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#20. NASA has spin-offs, and it's a huge and very impressive list, including accurate and affordable LASIK eye surgery. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#21. If you take all the money we've spent at NASA since we landed on the moon and you had applied that money for incentives to the private sector, we would today probably have a permanent station on the moon, three or four permanent stations in space, a new generation of lift vehicles. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#22. NASA's Office of Commercial Exploration has been concerned about protecting the landing zones where humans first walked on the Moon, and one of my colleagues, ecologist Margaret Race, has been part of their deliberations. - Author: Seth Shostak
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#23. NASA thought so. When they were soliciting applications for astronauts, they rejected people with pure histories of success and instead selected people who had had significant failures and bounced back from them. - Author: Carol S. Dweck
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#24. Maybe the purpose of the space program [NASA] is to prepare the world for Big Brother - the New World Order. - Author: Kent Hovind
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#25. When I was a kid, I was a bit of a space geek. I loved the space program and all things NASA. I would read books about our solar system; I had pictures of the Space Shuttle on my bedroom wall. And yes, I even went to Space Camp. - Author: Simon Sinek
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#26. What do oil company executives, vampires and NASA bureaucrats all have in common? They fear solar energy. - Author: Michio Kaku
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#27. I fully expect that NASA will send me back to the moon as they treated Sen. Glenn, and if they don't do otherwise, why, then I'll have to do it myself. - Author: Pete Conrad
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#28. Here's a near-future space adventure that's as frightening as it is smart. Jeremy Robinson's BENEATH is packed with believable tech, a page-turning story and an alien intelligence so creepy, you'll pray NASA never makes it past the moon. - Author: J. C. Hutchins
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#29. Me: "This is obviously a clog. How about I take it apart and check the internal tubing?" NASA: (after five hours of deliberation) "No. You'll fuck it up and die." So I took it apart. - Author: Andy Weir
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#30. A NASA astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut can't be creative. He has to follow a predetermined detailed checklist written by an engineer and if he gets a little creative he'll never fly again. - Author: Burt Rutan
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#31. If the United States commits to the goal of reaching Mars, it will almost certainly do so in reaction to the progress of other nations - as was the case with NASA, the Apollo program, and the project that became the International Space Station. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#32. Every astronaut flew into space for a living. But while NASA has not solved the security problems, I would not put me back into a shuttle - and no other astronaut. The confidence is shaken. - Author: Ulrich Walter
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#33. With any luck, by the time NASA's space probe hits Pluto, you'll be booking a spaceflight with a privately run suborbital airline. - Author: Burt Rutan
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#34. NASA scientists have discovered a new form of life,
unfortunately, it won't date them either. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#35. I am humbled and excited by new opportunities for me to support and share the amazing work NASA is doing to help us travel farther into the solar system and work with the next generation of science and technology leaders. - Author: Scott Kelly
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#36. If I could have anything, it would be a radio to ask NASA the safe path down the Ramp. Well, if I could have anything, it would be for the green-skinned yet beautiful Queen of Mars to rescue me so she can learn more about this Earth thing called "lovemaking. - Author: Andy Weir
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#37. all systems are go. - Author: NASA
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#38. I ended up realizing that NASA was unlikely to get me into space, or get me to the moon or beyond, and I needed some other way to drive this. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#39. I do not believe that anything really worthwhile will come out of the exploration of the slag heap that constitutes the surface of the moon ... Nobody should imagine that the enormous financial budget of NASA implies that astronomy is now well supported. - Author: Fred Hoyle
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#40. I feel very strongly that SpaceX would not have been able to get started, nor would we have made the progress that we have, without the help of NASA. - Author: Elon Musk
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#41. In fact, NASA doesn't use the F-word; instead, they call failure "early attempts at success. - Author: Mike Myers
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#42. As usual, I'm working with stuff that was deliberately designed not to burn. But no amount of careful design by NASA can get around a determined arsonist with a tank of pure oxygen. - Author: Andy Weir
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#43. Now that NASA can talk to me, they won't shut the hell up. - Author: Andy Weir
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#44. This is the second Old Master I have encountered that has the signatures of another artist forged over it. A painting that has been created by another artist entirely. It's like they played mix and match. - Author: Dayna S. Rubin
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#45. Only realistic flight schedules should be proposed, schedules that have a reasonable chance of being met. If in this way the government would not support them, then so be it. NASA owes it to the citizens from whom it asks support to be frank, honest, and informative. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#46. NASA's Aqua satellite is showing that water vapor, the dominant greenhouse gas, works to offset the effect of carbon dioxide (CO2). This information, contrary to the assumption used in all the warming models, is ignored by global warming alarmists. - Author: Walter Cunningham
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#47. Natalya: It was our favorite sister of NASA who guilt me into putting my tits on line to rescuing you helpless ornaments. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#48. As chairman of the Senate subcommittee responsible for NASA appropriations, I say not a penny for this nutty fantasy. - Author: William Proxmire
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#49. Wow, look at this setup. NASA called. They want Houston back. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#50. Every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this. - Author: Gordon Cooper
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#51. Space in general gave us GPS - that's not specifically NASA, but it's investments in space. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#52. When NASA started sending up astronauts, they discovered that ballpoint pens don't work in zero gravity. So they spent twelve million dollars and more than a decade developing a pen that writes under any condition, on almost every surface. The Russians used a pencil. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#53. I remember in 1967, when there was that terrible fire on NASA's Apollo 1 rocket that killed three astronauts, my father made pure oxygen and we lit this tiny cup and burned it. Suddenly, we had an unbelievable jet and a fire. You just could see exactly what had happened. - Author: Jack W. Szostak
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#54. Damn, girl. You space so hard, you ought to look into a career at NASA. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#55. I ran the astronaut school for six years, and I was the commandant and when I finished in '65, 26 of my guys went into space as NASA astronauts that I trained. - Author: Chuck Yeager
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#56. Recently a piece of Martian rock has been recovered from Antarctica. NASA has discovered fossils of bacteria-like organisms on this rock, suggesting that life could have come on earth from outer space. - Author: Girish Chandra
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#57. My career with the Navy and NASA gave me an incredible chance to showcase public service to which I am dedicated, and what we can accomplish on the big challenges of our day. - Author: Scott Kelly
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#58. And so, I was not a military test pilot, but as soon as NASA expressed an interest in flying scientists and people who were not military test pilots, that was an epiphany that just came like a stroke of lightning. - Author: Story Musgrave
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#59. In April 1968, a test launch with an unmanned Apollo 6 capsule aboard suffered from a "pogo effect." Unnerved NASA engineers watched as their thirty-six-stories-tall rocket bounced across the pad for half a minute before finally achieving liftoff. - Author: James Clay Moltz
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#60. People say- 'NASA lies.' I say- 'the moon knows it all. Look at the moon and forget the spinning flat world. - Author: Munia Khan
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#61. Fucking NASA. In a horror movie, when everyone is hugging their shins and shouting for the main character to turn and run, or crawl under the bed, or call the cops, or grab a gun, NASA would be the dude in the back shouting, Go see what made that noise! And take a flashlight! - Author: Hugh Howey
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#62. How much would you pay ... for the Universe? - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#63. The problem is that many people operate on the assumption that NASA should go to Congress every year with hat in hand and justify it every year. Well, I see it as the greatest economic driver that there ever was. Economic drivers don't need justification. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#64. I wonder what NASA would think about me fucking with the RTG like this. They'd probably hide under their desks and cuddle with their slide rules for comfort. - Author: Andy Weir
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#65. Would a NASA reality show "Lunar Shore" be more popular than "Jersey Shore?" Civilization's future depends on that answer. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#66. The mission of NASA's Kepler telescope is to lift the scales from our eyes and reveal to us just how typical our home world is. Kepler operates by measuring the dimming of stars as planets pass ('transit') in front of them. It has found thousands of previously unknown worlds. - Author: Seth Shostak
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#67. We actually look to the scientific community to kind of come back to NASA and tell us what the priorities should be. And then at NASA, we try to look within our budget and say, 'What can we accommodate, and what are the most important things for the nation?' - Author: Ellen Stofan
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#68. I think eventually private enterprise will be able to send people into orbit, but I suspect initially it's going to have to be with NASA's help. - Author: Sally Ride
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#69. Librarians and other information specialists have developed user's guides to evaluating websites. These include questions we should ask, such as "Is the page current?" or "What is the domain?" (A guide prepared by NASA is particularly helpful.) - Author: Daniel J. Levitin
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#70. Like craftsmen in a medieval guild, NASA engineers hoped that one day their children would decide to take up the mantle of the profession they held so dear. - Author: Margot Lee Shetterly
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#71. I told NASA what I did. Our (paraphrased) conversation was: Me: "I took it apart, found the problem, and fixed it." NASA: "Dick. - Author: Andy Weir
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#72. If you asked every engineer at NASA what the worst scenario for the Hab was, they'd all answer "fire." If you asked them what the result would be, they'd answer "death by fire." But - Author: Andy Weir
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#73. We Have Cleared the Tower - Author: NASA
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#74. At one point I wanted to work for NASA and be an astrophysicist, so I did physics, math, and chemistry before realizing I probably wasn't quite smart enough to do that. But I am still hugely interested in cosmology and astrophysics. That is my geeky subject area. - Author: Gemma Chan
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#75. NASA calls stuff nominal instead of phenomenal, like it really is. So I have given up that there is going to be a balance and NASA is going to do certain things and we are finally in a state of existence where small groups of individuals can do extraordinary things, funded by single people. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#76. At Indy, we are the NASA of the production-car world, and that's clearly why manufacturers are involved - it's such a good testbed. - Author: Mario Andretti
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#77. There were those within NASA who believed, and would continue to believe for decades into the future, that the government's decision to put all its chips on a short-term strategy to beat the Soviets came at the cost of the opportunity to turn humans into a truly spacefaring species. - Author: Margot Lee Shetterly
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#78. I live an hour from NASA's HQ in Washington, D.C., and sitting in a jam stresses me out. - Author: Ellen Stofan
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#79. NASA will send up a big sun shade that will be in orbit between the earth and sun and deflect 2 or 3 percent of the sunshine back into space. It would be cheaper than the international space station. - Author: James Lovelock
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#80. Got my first e-mail from Hermes today. NASA's been limiting direct contact. I guess they're afraid I'll say something like "You abandoned me on Mars, you assholes! - Author: Andy Weir
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#81. NASA is developing space taxis to shuttle astronauts to the International Space Station. And just like New York taxis, they're all going to be driven by aliens. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#82. Everyone would die but me," she said. "They'd all take pills and die. They'll do it right away so they don't use up any food. Commander Lewis picked me to be the survivor. She told me about it yesterday. I don't think NASA knows about it. - Author: Andy Weir
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#83. NASA projects often have romantic names that link into a long history of exploration and adventure: Atlantis and Discovery, for example. - Author: Hanna Rosin
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#84. This plucky NASA telescope is able to find planets en masse. If you compare planet hunting to prospecting for gold, then Kepler is equivalent to trading in your trusty pan for a diesel-powered sluice box. - Author: Seth Shostak
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#85. If you ever care to see how all the world's most awful jokes spread, spend a day on a bond trading desk. When the Challenger space shuttle disintegrated, six people called me from six points on the globe to explain that NASA stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#86. 'The Martian' may be fiction, but at NASA, we are working to make it a reality. - Author: Ellen Stofan
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#87. In 1983, NASA invited Canada to fly three payload specialists, in part because we had contributed the robotic arm that is used on the shuttle. - Author: Marc Garneau
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#88. When I was growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, this is where the space and rocket center was. This is where all of the German rocket scientists came after war and started designing rockets for NASA, for the moon landing and all that. - Author: Jimmy Wales
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#89. The moon is considered a relatively easy object to land humans on, everything else is much harder by orders of magnitude. It is the reason why we have not been to Mars and will likely never go there successfully with humans. - Author: Steven Magee
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#90. I was selected to be an astronaut on a military program called the Manned Orbiting Laboratory back in '67. That program got cancelled in '69 and NASA ended up taking half of us. - Author: Robert Crippen
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#91. Even though NASA tries to simulate launch, and we practice in simulators, it's not the same - it's not even close to the same. - Author: Sally Ride
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#92. Houston, Apollo 11 ... I've got the world in my window. - Author: NASA
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#93. NASA is doing nothing but development. They're not doing research in manned spaceflight at all and I see no reason for them to do that because we already know that it will work and we already know exactly how it will work. - Author: Burt Rutan
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#94. How fantastic that the American ingenuity of NASA scientists got us to Mars. It makes me proud to be an American. I can't get enough of these images from when the probe touched down. These scientists are American heroes. - Author: Jennifer Granholm
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#95. NASA's been one of the most successful public investments in motivating students to do well and achieve all they can achieve, and it's sad that we are turning the program in a direction where it will reduce the amount of motivation it provides to young people. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
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#96. Martinez is a devout Catholic. I knew that. What I didn't know was he brought along a small wooden cross. I'm sure NASA gave him shit about it, but I also know Martinez is one stubborn son of a bitch. - Author: Andy Weir
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#97. I think a lot of people in Washington are extremely suspicious of NASA. - Author: Laurie Anderson
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#98. They said you can't go to the moon. They said you can't put cheese inside a pizza crust, but NASA did it. They had to, because the cheese kept floating off in space. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#99. I love the John Glenn model ... I may call NASA in 25 years or so, and see if they'd like to send me to Mars. - Author: Sally Ride
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#100. I flew fighters for the Navy in San Diego for three years, went and did my post-graduate education, and then I was a test pilot in Patuxent River, Maryland, for a few years. I was back in the fleet in the Navy when I was selected to come back here to NASA to become an astronaut. - Author: Alan G. Poindexter
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