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Top 10 Nadine Movie Quotes

#1. I want to move people, stir something within them that makes them feel. That's what a movie should do and an actor should do, make you feel something. I think that's why people love films so much. - Author: Nadine Velazquez
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#2. Half a truth is often a great lie - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#3. I have a real taste for doing action roles. I starred in a movie called 'Blast,' which was my first action film, and I loved the fighting - I think I've got the build, the attitude and the look for it. - Author: Nadine Velazquez
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#4. Two-point-seven percent unemployment equates to
everybody who wants to work is working. It equates to full employment. - Author: Betty Williams
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#5. My top three priorities for my first term in Congress are growing our economy; providing for quality, affordable health care; and keeping our nation and communities safe. - Author: Cathy McMorris Rodgers
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#6. The first and perhaps the most important requirement for a successful writing performance - and writing is a performance, like singing an aria or dancing a jig - is to understand the nature of the occasion. - Author: Stephen Greenblatt
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#7. I think there is one higher office than president and I would call that patriot. - Author: Gary Hart
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#8. People could push and pull at you, and poke you, and probe as deep as they could go. They could even tear you apart, bit by bit. But at the heart and root and soul of you, something would remain untouched. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#9. I love you Layla. I can't just stop taking care of you. If anything happened to you I'd never survive it. - Author: Marie Coulson
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#10. All these companies that grew to any sizable proportions were all founded with a belief or a cause bigger than their products or services. It was their products or services that helped them bring that cause to life. - Author: Simon Sinek
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