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#1. My kitchen's pink, like skin-tone pink, and I lowered my spice rack so it's eye level - it's true! - and my phone, so I can reach it when I fall, it's right there. - Author: Amy Sedaris
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#2. The demonstrators in Ukraine will persevere and succeed, or grow tired, cold and fade. - Author: Bob Schaffer
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#3. Duty is ours; consequences are God's. - Author: Stonewall Jackson
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#4. We need, in other words, to learn how to enjoy things without feeling entitled to them and without clinging to them. - Author: William B. Irvine
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#5. There are times for all of us when all the laughter seems to be gone, but we should not permit these periods to last too long. When we've lost our sense of humor, there isn't very much left. We become ridiculous. We must then go to war against the whole world, and that's a war we cannot win. - Author: Earl Nightingale
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#6. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to try out for a second Olympics team and if it doesn't work out, hey I gave it my all. - Author: Alicia Sacramone
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#7. life was made up of hundreds of individual moments. We need to focus on the good ones, rather than trying to control everything continuously. - Author: Nick M. Lloyd
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#8. Weakness leaves, pride comes in. Confidence grows. Successful life. - Author: Greg Plitt
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#9. HAIL HERMES! Mr. Lantiere has created something very special for all of us who love the history of mystery. The Magicician's Wand book opens doors to the past where we have an opportunity to explore the deeper meanings, myths and symbols of our art. - Author: Jeff McBride
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#10. You have to be desirable. And that's why so many woman of my age or even younger are pushed to Botox and plastic surgery, all the things that people say, 'Why do women do this?' Where do you go in your 50s in your career? - Author: Kim Cattrall
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#11. If you enjoy what you do, don't be afraid of expressing your enthusiasm. Enjoyment is infectious. - Author: Alan Sugar
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#12. I look completely like my mum. She's very foreign, very Jewish. - Author: Helena Bonham Carter
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#13. No doubt, my role in 'Urumi' has been one of my best so far. It surprised me as an actor and made me more confident. - Author: Genelia D'Souza
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