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Top 11 Mysql Smart Quotes

#1. For the people of my country," Renato said, "water is everything: love, life, religion ... even God."
"It is like that for me too," I said. "In English we call that a metaphor."
"Of course," said Renato, "and water is the most abundant metaphor on earth. - Author: Pam Houston
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#2. War destroys people's souls. Most people focus on physical injuries, but the invisible injuries can take a lifetime to heal and affects the lives of generations to come. - Author: Emmanuel Jal
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#3. You can do beautiful things with your friends; you can do beautiful things when you are all alone! In togetherness, listen to the music of the crowds; in solitude, listen to the music of the silence! Be neither afraid of the crowds, nor of the loneliness, because both are blessings! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#4. You need shoving, not pushing. You need to jump back on that camel. Otherwise you're going to stay up on the ledge you've made for yourself. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#5. I always thought that one day I would be somebody. I would be successful in music, and I would have fans that cared about my music. At the same time, I really feel like an ordinary guy; I have been an ordinary guy forever. - Author: G-Eazy
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#6. The realm of freedom does not commence until the point is passed where labor under the compulsion of necessity and of external utility is required. - Author: Karl Marx
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#7. Living things are restrained by chains. The laws of nature, the flow of time, the vessel known as your "body", and the existence called your mind. The one chain that people can wield, words. - Author: CLAMP
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#8. If you don't stop fear, fear will stop you. Somebody's gotta stop. My advice? Don't let it be you. Whatever IT is. Do IT afraid - Author: Saji Ijiyemi
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#9. In a nutshell, I am not unaware of my failings. Neither am I a stranger to irony. - Author: Mordecai Richler
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#10. The common good and the individual good rarely coincide. - Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
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#11. Maybe instead of buying myself another Barbie, I could donate that to the Kmart Wishing Tree ... - Author: Hamish Blake
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