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#1. In that sense, film is superior, but the difficulty is your lack of control as a writer. - Author: Terry Southern
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#2. I've still got it. I refuse to lose. - Author: Robin Roberts
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#3. The standard definition of AI is that which we don't understand. - Author: Bill Joy
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#4. I never rush myself. See, they can't start the game without me. - Author: Satchel Paige
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#5. He loved to shock, even with generosity. It was like punching someone. - Author: Jennifer Clement
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#6. New weapons require new tactics. Never put new wine into old bottles. - Author: Heinz Guderian
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#7. I imagine myself as the broadcaster for a Cubs-White Sox World Series, a Series that would last seven games, with the final game going extra innings before being suspended because of darkness at Wrigley Field. - Author: Jack Brickhouse
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#8. A lawyer is just like an attack dog, only without a conscience. - Author: Tom Clancy
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#9. It's just that I'm the kind of person,' Rebecca continued, 'that thinks if you took a map of the whole world and put a pin in it for every person, there wouldn't be a pin for me. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
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#10. I recognized it immediately the first time it happened - the cackle of the crone. It is the sound of a woman who is caught inside the mystery of the universe, in the irony of the angst, in the place ego abhors. Bliss. - Author: Toni Bentley
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