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#1. I still love the skinny jeans thing and I wear my favorite leather jacket constantly. I like being kind of a rock star. I love that I can feel comfortable in a small dress or I can feel comfortable wearing a baggy T-shirt. - Author: Ellie Goulding
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#2. I've never believed in so much as I do the BVB Army. Rock and Roll is my religion. And Rock and Roll is back. I love all of you outcast. - Author: Jinxx
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#3. She captured the spot of my world's centre and sent me in elliptic rings about it, causing the ground beneath me to vanish and the breath of my lungs to disperse. I was a rock locked in helpless orbit. - Author: Richard Ronald Allan
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#4. Every musician, their goal in life is to play music that people love, and I've accomplished my goal. I was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and left that chapter of my life and those people in the past. Good and bad, I've loved and am thankful for that chapter. - Author: Steven Adler
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#5. I love rock and roll. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong decade because I love Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and ... those are my bands. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#6. The game Rock Band has been haunting me like a bad ring tone. It gets stuck in my head and momentarily effaces all that I love about music. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
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#7. I know I express myself best singing love songs, and Jim Steinman gave me my rock style, which I have always wanted. I can express myself best putting a lot of emotion into singing rock songs. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#8. I don't want to wreck my voice. I love to concentrate on playing the bass and keeping it very rock-solid. If I were singing, I would have blown out my voice. - Author: Tina Weymouth
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#9. I love '30 Rock.' It's one of my favorite shows. It's certainly the gold standard of comedy writing. - Author: Dan Harmon
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#10. I love going to my supermarket. Sounds so rock 'n' roll, eh? - Author: Rachel Stevens
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#11. He was everything I needed because his entire character had been molded by my deepest wants and desires. He was my rock when I cried, my playmate when I laughed, and my hero when I needed to imagine that one existed for me. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#12. I love you to the utter heart of me. You're my family, the joy of my soul. No one else ever for me love, because there is, and there only ever will be, only you. - Author: Lily Morton
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#13. Clasped in my embrace, I held the source of every worthy aspiration I ever had; the centre of myself, the circle of my life, my own ... my love of whom was founded on a rock! - Author: Charles Dickens
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#14. I love to rock 'n roll. But my finest suit, of all the things I do, is as a songwriter. - Author: Dan Fogelberg
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#15. It is poetic and lyrical; words that spill forth like cool waters into the dusty dry rock bed of the Soul desiring love. It has been said that I've lived in the desert all my life and do not know what it means to be wet. - Author: Sophia Rose
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#16. Rock and roll was my favorite, but before long I grew to enjoy Shinamoto's brand of classical music. This was music from another world, which had its appeal, but more than that I loved it because she was a part of that world. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#17. I love surfing, rock climbing, cycling - all that stuff. But it's just amazing that I can inspire people with my running. It's humbling, really. - Author: Dean Karnazes
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#18. I scorn your idea of love,' I could not help saying, as I rose up and stood before him, leaning my back against the rock. 'I scorn the counterfeit sentiment you offer: yes, St. John, and I scorn you when you offer it. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#19. Working with Tracy Morgan on '30 Rock' is really great. I love Tracy. He's wonderful. Well, until his fish tank caught fire - his apartment burned up and flooded my apartment. We live in the same building, but I'm eight floors below him and we had to evacuate. - Author: Sherri Shepherd
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#20. My favorite composers are the ones that tell the story. I love Wagner. I love Mahler. Prokofiev. The programmatic music. I listen more to classic rock because I don't like the contemporary music very much. - Author: Patti LuPone
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#21. Punk rock and metal has always been a home to me, it's where I cut my teeth; and those are the friends that I have, and the bands that I love. - Author: John Dyer Baizley
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#22. I broke my heart in two
So hard I struck.
What matter? for I know
That out of rock,
Out of a desolate source,
Love leaps upon its course. - Author: William Butler Yeats
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#23. When you're in love, when somebody says something like, "How can you be with that woman?" you say, "What do you mean? I am with this goddess of love, the fulfillment of my whole life. Why are you saying this? Why do you want to throw a rock at her or punish me for being in love with her? - Author: John Lennon
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#24. I love you Alys with everything that I am. I love your humour, your bolshiness, your independence, your laugh and your gorgeous face, but most of all I love you because you're the first person that I've ever met who I know my love is safe with. - Author: Lily Morton
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#25. I have undeniable evidence that many have awakened as a result of my raising hell. Raising hell is SO American rock-and-roll. And of course even soulless wimps love killer music and my incredible guitar tone. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#26. Don't ask me about prayer rocks
Anyplace I put my head is a prayer rock.
Don't talk of direction
All six directions face Him.
Gardens, flames, nightingale,
whirling dance, and brotherhood
Throw all these away
and throw yourself into His love. - Author: Rumi
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#27. Across the river were two clouds in your eyes; and my kisses floated ascend from the heights of the sacred mountain -
there in the valley, where uncrowned hope of green fields and saffron came from flowers - delicate reverberations of rock walls we listened to our words of love. - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann
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#28. I'm in a band. I don't go to church every Sunday. I love punk rock music. Sometimes I use swear words a lot. I respect and admire gay men and women. I'm obsessed with horror films. I know what shame feels like. And guess what old man? Jesus is still my Savior. - Author: Hayley Williams
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#29. I told you that I needed you. But now I need you to survive. Forever. I won't live through this without you, and I'm selfish for telling you that, but it's the truth. You're my rock, Danika. I can't ever lose you, or I'll follow Jared, I know I will. - Author: R.K. Lilley
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#30. Be prepared for the worst, my love, for it lives next door to the best. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#31. Who am I?" She whispered. Alex opened his mouth as if to correct her, but then he said, "You are my love. - Author: Deirdre Riordan Hall
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#32. I'd say that my musical influences are anywhere from pop-rock electronica, new age and classical. But I think that specifically, bands - I love Jem, I love Sigur Ross, I love David Gray, I love Elliot Smith ... a lot of different people. But I don't find lyrical inspiration from anybody. - Author: Emmy Rossum
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#33. I love the feeling of touching the rock, the feeling of my body going up the rock. - Author: Alex Honnold
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#34. When I'm panicked about my love handles, I go to the YMCA and get obsessed with Kid Rock videos as I'm on the running machine. - Author: Emily Mortimer
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#35. I really fell in love with the art of making clothes when I was dancing on tour. Creating my stage image through clothes was a blast. I discovered a total sense for what cool chicks and rockin' dudes like to wear. Total Skull is for those people. People that like to rock - total rock. - Author: Sheri Moon Zombie
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#36. I applied at Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard after my band broke up. I really wanted to work there because it involved the love of my life, music. It was also located on the world famous Sunset Strip, a place I dreamed of going to ever since I was a teenager in the 80's to become a rock star. - Author: K.D. Sanders
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#37. You are a river rock and belong in a stream - not here in this upper room sinking in my bed ... - Author: John Geddes
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#38. I have to have music playing constantly. It creates the tone and mood for anything you are doing. I specifically love rock, and Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorite artists. My favorite song is 'Red House,' because it's heavy on the blues. - Author: Marisa Miller
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#39. I get butterflies in my stomach before I perform. I love them! They let me know I'm ready to perform, that I'm ready to rock out on stage. - Author: Manika
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#40. I contribute to the dead of winter and the moans of silence, blood trails are music to my ears ... I'm a gut pile addict ... The pig didn't know I was there ... it's my kick ... I love shafting animals ... it's rock 'n' roll power. - Author: Ted Nugent
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#41. As an artist, you have to express yourself. I make no excuses for my versatility. I grew up singing classical arias, but I love rock n' roll and jazz standards. - Author: Idina Menzel
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#42. Being a rock widow is not my job, so I would hire people to do it for me. - Author: Courtney Love
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#43. I love punk rock, The Clash, The Ramones, The Cramps. I love where it all came from, and music for my ears now, it has to have that same electricity, adrenaline and danger. - Author: Imelda May
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#44. I love you, O LORD, my strength. 2 The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn - Author: Anonymous
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#45. My favorite type of music to sing to would be rock and roll, Tenacious D, Led Zeppelin, some Queen - I love all of them. I love singing to them because they're all just great voices. I love listening to very obscure jazz. - Author: Casey Abrams
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#46. I lived out my little rock'n'roll fantasy, I just wish I hadn't gotten into so much trouble for it. - Author: Courtney Love
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#47. My rock candy passion is bittersweet
And armed to the teeth
Cuz she would rather fall in chocolate
Than fall in love.. Especially with me! - Author: Owl City
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#48. I have to admit. Saying goodbye - leaving Bonnie. Was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life. It actually hurt ... - Author: A.R. Von
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#49. I'm always on the go. I love doing things until I hit rock bottom. Then I need my 12 hours of sleep, and I'm on the go again. - Author: Maria Sharapova
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#50. Irish rock star Bono has said, Grace defies reason and logic. Love interrupts, if you like, the consequences of your actions, which in my case is very good news indeed, because I've done a lot of stupid stuff. - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#51. You come to me three, four months ago, knowing it, and I might have said you're right. God meant me to not love anyone. Be a rock. Don't be touched by no one. But now I've been touched, in here." I tapped my chest. "There is no fear in love, but love casteth out fear. - Author: James Buchanan
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#52. I use rock and jazz and blues rhythms because I love that music. I hope my poetry has a relationship with good-time rock'n roll. - Author: Adrian Mitchell
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#53. For my love was founded on a rock, and it endures! - Author: Charles Dickens
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#54. Trusting the resolve in my heart is but a stepping stone to the future I now see clearly. - Author: S.K. Logsdon
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#55. No storm can shake my inmost calm While to that rock I'm clinging Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth How can I keep from singing? - Author: Ken Follett
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#56. For me, the most relevant factor in my ability to perform well on the rock has to do with my love of climbing. After nearly thirty years of climbing, I still love to do it whenever possible! - Author: Lynn Hill
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#57. All of my favorite songs can bring me to tears. Some are rock, some are blues, some are love ballads. That's why I play music - to touch other people as I have been touched. - Author: Kelly Blatz
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#58. My inspiration is European fashion. I'm really into Euro fashion, and I also love rock n' roll. That's the mentality that I like to have when I'm dealing with fashion. - Author: Ciara
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#59. I find life itself provides ample and sufficient tests of my valor and mettle: illness; betrayal; fruitless searches for love; working for the abusive, the insane, and the despotic. All challenges easily as thrilling to me as scrambling over icy rock in a pair of barely adequate boots. - Author: David Rakoff
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#60. Over to the jukebox I staggered for a love song to scatter my body before her. - Author: Kim Mitchell
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#61. People who love R&B will love my music, people who love rock will love my music. It's soulful, it's pop. It's a sound that relates to everyone. - Author: Jessica White
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#62. I'm addicted to laughing. I go to see a lot of comedy shows. I'm addicted to playing really loud and obnoxious rock music in my car. I'm addicted to beautiful clothes and shoes. I just love gorgeous stuff and work hard to acquire pretty things, shiny things. I'm addicted to shiny things! - Author: Nadia Giosia
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#63. A lot of people are surprised by my love of heavy metal. I fell in love with heavy metal almost before any other genre. One of the first concerts I went to was a Donnington Monsters Of Rock concert. - Author: Jamie Cullum
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#64. Who will kiss you? Who will rock you to sleep?" His voice was slow, drowsy.
"You never did," I said, trying to tease him. "You were more father to me than my father, but you never did that."
"Someone should. Someone should love you. I will bite him if he will not. - Author: Rachel Hartman
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#65. I love comedy and drama equally and music too. I just sort of follow my nose to whatever seems really exciting at the time. Eventually, I might want to do a rock opera. - Author: Jack Black
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#66. There's nothing cooler than a good fitting, worn-in pair of Wrangler jeans, so it's great that with the new Retro line, my fans can go out and rock the same styles that I love. - Author: Jason Aldean
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#67. I'm thankful that I proved myself in music which is my first love, my first passion before I got involved in this media. I am hoping to bring it back to the music now. - Author: Kid Rock
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#68. To be angry is easy, but to forgive is hard. That's why to love is easy, and to love is hard. I try to be so hard that I'm soft, like a liquid rock, fluid and forgiving, but unmovable in my resolve. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#69. At night, I try to sneak in some of the shows that I love. I can't live without '30 Rock' - I was a fan before I joined the show in 2007 - and 'The Office.' 'Revenge' is my drama. And I love Jimmy Kimmel if I can stay up late enough to watch him. - Author: Sherri Shepherd
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#70. One thing I hear a lot is, 'Dude, my mom loves your record,' or 'I got it for my dad for Christmas.' I'm essentially doing dad rock. Which is great, because I love Steely Dan, you know? Nothing wrong with dad rock! - Author: Mac DeMarco
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#71. It is easy for me to go play a rock show, I have been doing that all my life and I love that. - Author: Sebastian Bach
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#72. I think it had something to do with my love of music, especially rock music. - Author: Gary Cole
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#73. I'm primarily thought of as a rocker, and certainly 'Frankenstein' had a very dramatic power rock image. It was almost a precursor of heavy metal and fusion. But I also love jazz and classical and if there's one common thread that runs through all my music, it is blues. - Author: Edgar Winter
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#74. Every day I feel different about music, but what never changes is my love for it. - Author: Kid Rock
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#75. I'm not sure how far the decent is, because I'm still falling. But I've hit rock-bottom about half a dozen times in my life, - Author: Zack Love
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#76. I got love from my family. I don't really need love from a paper, you know what I mean? I can't get too happy because somebody said something nice about me. I appreciate it, but let's not get it twisted - this is not changing my life. - Author: Chris Rock
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#77. I equally love both, classic rock and hip-hop. I love all music, really, and I really use classic rock a lot. I'm heavily influenced by that melodically in my music. I can't really separate the two. - Author: Yelawolf
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#78. Rock and roll came in and changed my life and changed the whole music scene forever, and then I grew to love R&B and Motown and all black music, gospel music. But I never dismiss any form of music. I listen to everything. - Author: Elton John
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#79. There's a beauty in work and I love it, all different kinds of work. That's what I consider it. Rock is my job, and that's my work. And I work my ass off, you know. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
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#80. Thank you, baby, for being my rock, my safe place to land, my inspiration, and my heart. No matter what, snaring you as a husband will always remain my greatest achievement. I love you. - Author: Zathyn Priest
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#81. Ever since a small boy, I have loved just to look at the mountains, to see them in different lights and from different angles, to feel their rough rock under my fingers and the breath of the winds against my feet ... I am in love with the mountains. - Author: Wilfrid Noyce
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#82. By the time I approached my forties, I had the self-assurance to approach all the genres I love so deeply: R & B, rock, jazz, and pop. - Author: Natalie Cole
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#83. I love my life, but I don't think I'm any happier than my younger brother Andre, who drives a garbage truck. - Author: Chris Rock
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#84. I love Linkin Park; that's one of my favorite groups, that I went to all their concerts. I love those guys, man. They do, like, pop-rock, know what I'm saying? - Author: Juicy J
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#85. Once the subject matter of rock n' roll changed from cars and pop love songs to songs about really true love and the blues and death and mortality, this light bulb went off in my head and I went, 'Oh, that's what they're doing. That's kind of - that's art.' - Author: David Chase
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#86. I need the money, the security, because I might not have the blanket of support and love I have now forever. It could all end, and then I'll find myself at rock bottom, a strung-out stripper like my mother.
I can't let that happen.
I won't let that happen. - Author: Toni Aleo
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#87. All people naturally hate. My kid bites people now. I didn't teach my kid to bite anybody. Kids say mean stuff. Only through love do we get this evil out of them. Only through love and structure and discipline do they not hate. The kids that hate didn't learn anything, that's the problem. - Author: Chris Rock
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#88. I love everything, but I really love rock music. Incubus, Augustana, Nirvana, Chevelle, iHi-Hi-Fi, they're my really good friends. - Author: Audrina Patridge
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#89. Me and my friends get together all the time for girls night, or watch rock of love on the couch. I end up going out to a lot of shows, and surfing with my folks is always high on the priority list. - Author: Tristan Prettyman
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#90. Lilianna: Shut up. And this isn't about me. Celebrating Alaia ROCK STARNESS!
Alaia: Love that! My Rock Starness! - Author: H.R. Willaston
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#91. I don't want you to be my fan. I want you to be mine. - Author: Emme Rollins
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#92. I mean, there's times to rock and roll, and I love that too. But I think my first love is acoustic music. - Author: Graham Nash
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