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#1. I Love You

and your perfect ask

'Would you scratch my back?' is enough

to stretch out hands because folk who love

happily scratch backs where a person can't reach - Author: John Lavan
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#2. I flipped open my phone and sent Daniel a text: I love you.
As I crawled into bed, my phone beeped with a message back from him: Always. - Author: Bree Despain
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#3. I don't care if I'm loved back, I still want to love someone.Someone, from the bottom of my heart ... Straightforward, unwavering ... It seems like such a simple thing, so then why ... Must it be so incredibly hard? - Author: Ai Yazawa
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#4. Jack, I know I'm not perfect, but I'm really hoping you're not ready to give up on me yet. I don't have gifts or love letters or anything like you had. But what I can give you is my word, my promise, my vow to you. Which I will back up with actions, by the way. - Author: J. Sterling
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#5. This is what I'm going to remember on the day I die," he said. "Right before I close my eyes, I'm going to remember this, the way your hand feels, the heat of your leg against mine, the smell of the skin on the back of your neck, like burnt sugar. - Author: Sarah Black
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#6. Good girls earn good things." She let my jaw go, her eyes going beyond me toward Benny's house, then coming back to me. "Let yourself have good things." "It's not right," I told her quietly. "Know one thing on God's beautiful earth, and that is" - she leaned into me - "love is never wrong. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#7. I've never believed in so much as I do the BVB Army. Rock and Roll is my religion. And Rock and Roll is back. I love all of you outcast. - Author: Jinxx
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#8. When an answer I did not expect comes to a prayer which I believed I truly meant, I shrink back from it; if the burden my Lord asks me to bear be not the burden of my heart's choice, and I fret inwardly and do not welcome His will, then I know nothing of Calvary love. - Author: Amy Carmichael
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#9. I will never give up on what I love. I will never back down. I will never let go of anything that is important to me. I will hold my course steady and my God will help me see it through. This is my promise, my anthem and my path. This is my future and I own it. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#10. My life is never perfect, but life is always a beautiful thing. I choose to see the beauty out of it. I choose to make it wonderful. I choose to love life and it loves me back in return. I may only have one life to live, but if I do it right, once is enough. - Author: Diana Rose Morcilla
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#11. I got a lion on my back because I'm a Leo, and I also just love lions. But I wish I'd researched the artwork a little more. My little sister saw it and said, "Why do you have the Lion King on your back?" - Author: Stephen Dorff
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#12. All right, all right," Avery said and rolled Kane onto his back. There was a time they would have gone again, making sure Kane knew who the real boss was, but not so much anymore. Instead, he looked down at his smiling love. "But I believe I burned a few calories, so can I have my snack now, please? - Author: Kindle Alexander
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#13. No! he wanted to cry out. No, Tania, please come back. What can I leave her with, what can I say, what one word can I leave with her, for her? What one word for my wife?
"Tatiasha," Alexander called after her. God, what was the curator's name ... ?
She glanced back.
"Remember Orbeli- - Author: Paullina Simons
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#14. I don't want to fuck you, Elle. I want to make love to you. Take me gently, angel." I moan at his words and come back in a little too eagerly. "Gently," he whispers, halting me for an instant before I place my lips tenderly on his. - Author: Lena Black
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#15. I leaned my back against an oak Thinking it was a trusty tree. But first it bent, And then it broke And let me down as my love did me. - "The Water Is Wide," traditional folk song - Author: Jill Barnett
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#16. I find myself wishing that I could work that magic for her. That I could bring the smile back to her face. But I slap at those thoughts as if they were mosquitoes. What am I doing, caring so much about my best friend's love? I deny my feelings for her because they shouldn't exist. - Author: Amy Plum
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#17. I had a great time making the last movie, 'Eclipse.' We shot my back-story stuff from the 1930's. But I was waiting for 'Breaking Dawn' because I love the relationship Rosalie has with Jacob and the rest of her family and Bella. She also provides comic relief. - Author: Nikki Reed
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#18. I started in theater, and I love to go back to theater, just to have the experience and recharge my batteries, creatively. - Author: Zachary Levi
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#19. I pull back. "I'm going to have to change my computer password."
"Oh yeah? To what?"
"4 eva, he replies."
"You cracked my password? - Author: Sally Thorne
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#20. I've made a dozen films in the English language. But then, for love, for my family and friends, I returned to Europe ... I annoyingly - looking back - turned down films like 007, 'For Your Eyes Only,' written specially for me. - Author: Ornella Muti
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#21. As far back as I can remember I would escape from my humdrum world by burying myself in books
one true love of my life when growing up. - Author: Jane Green
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#22. I love roller coasters that make my stomach drop. One ride in Las Vegas, the Big Shot, straps you into a row of seats and catapults you into the air from the top of the Stratosphere Tower - then plummets back down. I ride it over and over; it's exhilarating. - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#23. I was the silent and ever present figure in your life ... but you." I kissed the back of her hand softly and closed my eyes. "You've always been the meaning of mine. - Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
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#24. I want to towel off, leave my heart on this beach and
walk the sand into a lake
of stars, while never looking back. - Author: A.P. Sweet
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#25. Are you loving having these great iconic stories back as much as I am? 'One Life' is back in action and I love putting my 'Blair on' again. - Author: Kassie DePaiva
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#26. -I would die for you
-You lie
-If I lie, why do I stand here before and beg on my knees to get you back?
-Because you're feeling alone
-If need your love
-You don't need me, you only need a person
-And you're that person
-No I'm not
-But I love you
-That what I do - Author: M..
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#27. Everybody changes. I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything, and it makes me smile. - Author: Victoria Beckham
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#28. You know, I think everything I do cinematically for the rest of my life will probably have some direct route back to Jonathan. But I love him to death. He's like my best friend and my big brother. - Author: Ted Demme
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#29. I may live in London, but I'll go back to the country one day. My dad's an architect, so I would like him to design me a house. I'd love to be in the countryside when I'm older. - Author: Harry Treadaway
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#30. I got the part [in Into the Forest], I started taking ballet again to try to regain my strength back. I actually love that it was changed to Crystal Pite's modern dance. And I wouldn't even really call it modern dance because it feels like it's in its own genre. - Author: Evan Rachel Wood
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#31. I absolutely love being back in Nebraska and I love that my wife is able to experience a lot of the great things that made me love this place years ago. The lifestyle, the people. - Author: Jason Peter
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#32. But at night, once I had taken off my makeup and my defenses were down and my mind started to wander, it seemed rather than new love sitting down at the table of my life to join me, old love managed to find its way back in ... - Author: Mandy Hale
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#33. Now let me teach you another thing about my daughter. I love her very much but she has the ability to hide as expertly as a sock in a washing machine. No one knows where it goes, just as no one knows where she goes, but at least when she decides to come back, we're all here, waiting for her. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#34. So what I'm trying to say is you should text me back. Because there's a precedent. Because there's an urgency. Because there's a bedtime. Because when the world ends I might not have my phone charged and If you don't respond soon, I won't know if you'd wanna leave your shadow next to mine. - Author: Marina Keegan
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#35. When the sun died, I went up to heaven and saw God and all the people who had died a long time ago. God told me to come back and tell my people they must be good and love one another, and not fight, or steal, or lie. He gave me this dance to give to my people. - Author: Wovoka
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#36. I wish you wouldn't have given the sundial bracelet to Terease"

"Why?" I question and press my head onto his chest, pushing my arms back into his open jacket and around his back.

"If I had it to lead me to my deepest desire, I know it would always be a direct path to you. - Author: Michelle Warren
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#37. I hung my fingertips on his waistband, tugging him closer.
Patch buried his face in the curve of my shoulder, his hands flexing over my back. He gave a low groan.
"I love you," he murmured into my hair. "I'm happier right now than I ever remember being. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#38. I'd love to go back to school for philosophy. I love philosophy, so I'm always reading philosophy books, annoying my girlfriend with that type of stuff. - Author: Parker Young
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#39. I'm being sent back to my time, but - I love you, Philip. At any age, in any body, in any era ... I love you. - Author: Alexandra Monir
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#40. My mother was a stay-at-home mom until I was about 11, when she got a job - and it was like a light came on inside her. It's not wrong to be passionate about your career. When you love what you do, you bring that stimulation back to your family. - Author: Allison Pearson
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#41. Yes, sweeting, I think you're incredibly sexy. And I would love nothing more than to take you back to my place and make your toes curl.
-Kyrian - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#42. So, my brother and I, over the last two years, went back through Scripture and pulled every (passage) we could in relation to parenting children, guarding their hearts, teaching them, loving them, being patient. And then we worked through 40 principles and wrote The Love Dare for Parents. - Author: Alex Kendrick
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#43. I said i hate to see u..
and i turned back ...
to hide my tears - Author: Surya Parthi
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#44. I'd once again see that bob of blonde hair back on my pillow, that pink hot smile beaming toward me as I heroically win her heart in some kind of Count of Monte Cristo or Great Gatsby-esque gesture ... you know minus the long imprisonment or swimming pool death! - Author: Tom Conrad
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#45. I still say I would love to go back to acting, but after my kids are older. You can't just drop everything and go out on a call and keep a stable life. - Author: Suzanne Crough
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#46. I've already been to hell and back. This time, I want to go to paradise. I want to do whatever it is you want. Because all I want is you, by my side, from this moment until forever. - Author: Holly Stephens
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#47. I start to pull back, but he hugs me tighter.
"You love me. You admitted it."
"I do love you."
His body trembles in response, as if he can't contain his emotions at my confession. - Author: A.G. Howard
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#48. Once, my mother told a whole host of angels that she'd rather die than go back to a man she didn't love. - Author: Brenna Yovanoff
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#49. I am taking this in, slowly,
Taking it into my body.
This grief. How slow
The body is to realize
You are never coming back. - Author: Donna Masini
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#50. I love you. The words are always right there on the tip of my naughty tongue. I swallow them back like I need to and say something much more practical instead. "Have you ever been acquainted with your prostate? - Author: Sarina Bowen
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#51. It's rare to see a man step up and say "I can be a great father and learn about gymnastics with my daughter and take her to dance lessons because I love her." I can make time to blow bubbles on the back porch. It doesn't cause your man card to be revoked. - Author: Dan Alatorre
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#52. Sookie, it is not your blood I love. I love you. Your heart, your mind, your soul ... you have brought light back into my life - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#53. Kids love me. I can bounce back and forth. I can discipline kids, and I can get into the mind of a kid. In my brain, I consider myself the ultimate video game player. The ultimate snack maker. - Author: J. B. Smoove
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#54. Why don't you go back to LA?"
"My wife lives in Portland. - Author: Kylie Scott
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#55. At the time I thought this was my big chance for love, that I was going something very romantic and important, but looking back on it now, it all seems part of a very simple equation: I left the house where I lived with someone who loved me to go to the house of someone who did not love me at all. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#56. You are that one breath. that puts all the remaining breaths. back into my body. - Author: Sanober Khan
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#57. I love people, and I love to be with people and to make music with people, but my natural state is to revert back to being by myself in my house, which is cool because that's where I practice and write and listen and study. - Author: Esperanza Spalding
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#58. But I was also angry. I was angry with myself for giving my heart to someone who didn't even know me, let alone love me back. I was ashamed that I'd tried to be someone I wasn't just so I could feel wanted. - Author: E.M. Abel
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#59. Our lips connected and for one brief, amazing moment Dean melted into me. His hands trailed up my back, pulling my body closer. His lips were warm and soft, lingering against mine, and then suddenly ... gone. - Author: Sarah Darlington
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#60. I never rushed the fact that I wanted to be in the NBA or rushed the fact, you know, they asked me about the NBA. I always (unintelligible) back to the fact that I just love playing with my teammates. - Author: LeBron James
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#61. See you soon," I whispered. I bit my lip; and, in a moment of sheer abandon, I added, "I think I might ... you know ... love you, by the way."
"Too," Joshua whispered back groggily. "Love. - Author: Tara Hudson
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#62. She was my compass. I was her legend. We were the rivers and the lakes, the highways and the back roads, the mountains and the borders. I finally knew where I was. Charlotte was my You Are Here point on the map of life. - Author: Julia Kent
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#63. My life, my family and my friends are back in the U.K., so ideally I would love the kind of career that is split between London and New York. - Author: Samuel Barnett
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#64. The rhythm of her conversation. The perfection of her creation. The sex she slipped into my coffee. The way she felt when she first saw me. Hate to love and love to hate her. Like a broken record player. Back and forth and here and gone and on and on and on and on ... - Author: Maroon 5
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#65. This isn't the girl I fell in love with. My sweet, giving, patient, loving, caring, fun-loving Skye disappeared when you were kidnapped. I'm so scared I'll never get her back. - Author: J.L. McCoy
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#66. Had a love affair with Nina in the back of my Cortina. A seasoned up hyena, could not have been more obscener. - Author: Ian Dury
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#67. All you need is a pinch of Grace," I whisper, sprinkling it on the pie. "And a dash of Hope," she follows, tossing more on top. "To make life sweeter." I turn and press a kiss to her cheek. "And help love grow," she whispers, kissin' my cheek back, her tears mixin' with my own. - Author: K.C. Lynn
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#68. Saracen The Knight: There will be a cost.
Saint-Germain: Anything. I will pay anything to get my wife back.
Saracen: Even your immortality?
Saint-Germain: Even that. What's the point in living forever, when it is not with the woman I love? - Author: Michael Scott
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#69. This 51 Phoenix Racing team, I love them to death. They've got my back, I've got theirs. - Author: Kurt Busch
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#70. I look back to where my life had been. It's always risky to think of letting go. That's why this is the perfect ending. Nothing left to reconcile. - Author: Loretta Ellsworth
My Love Back Quotes #197805
#71. My godchild Zoe, age 6, suddenly said: "Can you describe what romance is?" I talked about wooing, and yearning, and she sighed and leaned back, "I think that love is my favorite thing in this whole world ... " Me too, Zoe, me too. - Author: SARK
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#72. I want to be a recording artist for my whole entire life. But Broadway is something I would come back to at any given moment. I love, love, love doing theater. - Author: Ariana Grande
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#73. Kids take work, effort, love, blood, sweat and tears and are a full time job. You have to commit, for better or worse and then give your all and hope for the best. The one thing you can never, ever do is give up and say, 'Oooops, never mind, my bad, you can take this one back!' - Author: Dale Archer
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#74. Theater in Chicago will always be my first love. It started careers for me and about 50 of my friends. We all love coming back. As soon as the TV show is over, I'll be back in Chicago, doing live theater. - Author: William Petersen
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#75. If anything happens, I'm going to pin you to my back and never let you off."
I love you too."
- Saphira and Eragon - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#76. I just want you to know that I love you with everything I am - a million times a million and to the moon and back. - Author: Laura Miller
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#77. Demetri: It's about the girl I fell in love with. The taffy girl at Seaside. The very beautiful girl that I have to let go of, and it kills me to let go of the girl who stole my heart. A heart I won't ever give back, because it belongs to her now, my best friend. - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#78. Hey back,' I say, my voice low beside her ear. She shivers. I love that. - Author: Trish Doller
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#79. My love," she said, "I could never betray you. You betray yourself, but I will only ever bring you back. - Author: Anne Elisabeth Stengl
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#80. I'm not dangerous at all I never hurt Grandpa or Sue or Billy. I love humans. And wolf-people like my Jacob.Renesmee dropped Edward's hand to reach back and pat Jacob's arm. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#81. I smile at you, hinting at the pleasures ahead, and silently point to the zip at the back of my dress ... - Author: James Lusarde
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#82. My love of maple syrup. I've been known to knock back a can over a couple days: A swig here, a swig there, and next thing you know it's gone. It's a habit I have to stave off. I don't want to lose all my teeth. - Author: Rufus Wainwright
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#83. I think many of my books, including 'Handle with Care,' including 'My Sister's Keeper,' circle back to how far are we willing to go for the people we love? I think love changes the way we think. It's the thing that takes you out of what your normal set of beliefs would be. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#84. I love you so badly I could get lost in it and never find my way back out. - Author: Tessa Bailey
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#85. If in my youth I had realized that the sustaining splendour of beauty of with which I was in love would one day flood back into my heart, there to ignite a flame that would torture me without end, how gladly would I have put out the light in my eyes. - Author: Michelangelo
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#86. I have a very powerful sense of place, but I have a very powerful sense of being a migrant, so it's both. It seems like I'm always leaving my home. That's part of the formula. I love the Dominican Republic. I go back all the time. I love New Jersey. Go back all the time. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#87. Your mother said that Fraser sent her back to me, knowing that I would protect her
and you ... And like him, perhaps I send you back, knowing
as he knew of me
that he will protect you with his life. I love you forever, Brianna. I know whose child you truly are. With all my love, Dad. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#88. I'd never forgotten him, despite spending half my life trying to forget him. I'd given him everything: my love, my body, my pride, & parts of my heart & mind that I could never get back. - Author: Beth Harbison
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#89. The vampires took everything from me, but I'm looking into the eyes of one who has the power to give me back a reason to live, who can heal my gaping hole of sorrow. - Author: J.A. London
My Love Back Quotes #266163
#90. We loved being in Russia and would love to go back again, especially to visit my namesake. - Author: Eric Roberts
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#91. You are here for today and come back never. Still you will live in my heart for now and forever. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#92. I have been so lucky to receive so much love from those who enjoy my music, that I feel I have to give as much of it as I can back to children. - Author: Nana Mouskouri
My Love Back Quotes #272723
#93. My heart is a schizophrenic. One sentence is about how I hate him. The next is about how much I love him. It goes on like that, back and forth, pacing. - Author: Lesley Anne Cowan
My Love Back Quotes #274014
#94. You can borrow my two-carat diamond stud earrings," Aphrodite said. I stopped and looked back at her. "Huh?" She shrugged. "That's as close to a declaration of love as you're gonna get from me. - Author: P.C. Cast
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#95. I break my back for music because it's something that I love, but I'm not going to break my back for a bank. I wouldn't want to be an ATM repairman; there are some things that just aren't worth it. - Author: Joshua Homme
My Love Back Quotes #281247
#96. I love the chemistry that can be created onstage between the actors and the audience. It's molecular, even, the energies that can go back and forth. I started in theater, and when I first went into movies, I felt that my energy was going to blow out the camera. - Author: Glenn Close
My Love Back Quotes #285233
#97. I gave him a piece of my heart a long time ago, and once you give that away, I've learned you don't so easily get it back. - Author: Laura Miller
My Love Back Quotes #286909
#98. Stuckley drew back his sword with evident satisfaction. "She really is your Achilles' heel, isn't she Furey?"
"No." Lorcan said, preparing his own attack. "Not my Achilles' heel.The love of my life. And I'll do whatever it takes to protect her. - Author: Justin Somper
My Love Back Quotes #288972
#99. When my son was growing up, I was always guilty, no matter what I did. Make decisions and be happy with the decisions you've made. I tell myself, in the long run, it's the love, the quality of relationships that you have with your family, your friends and giving back to the community that matters. - Author: Padmasree Warrior
My Love Back Quotes #298111
#100. If you asked me if I'd rather make love to you, or have my balls cut out with the spine of a fish, I'll tell you I'll have to get back to you. And after a day of deliberating, I'll probably tell you the fish, provided it's salmon and I can eat it first. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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