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#1. The ocean pulsed outside our window. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below usually calmed me down, but the fear and chaos that were tangled in my mind made that an impossibility. - Author: Chelsie Shakespeare
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#2. You mean you want me to throw rocks at a bunch of monkeys in a tree in order to compete for food and prove that I, man, am the superior species? Chica," he said, clicking his tongue, "I've been waiting for an opportunity like this my whole life. - Author: Jessica Khoury
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#3. I went to art school and never thought I'd be a musician, but then punk rock came along in the late 70s and kind of ruined my life. So I quit art school to get involved in music and I've been doing it ever since. - Author: Michael Gira
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#4. My life had been like a painter who climbs up a road overhanging a lake that is hidden from view by a screen of rocks and trees. Through a gap he glimpses it, he has it all there in front of him, he takes up his brushes. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#5. Being a professional wrestler was never one of my goals in life. I always wanted to be some kind of entertainer. I used to want to be a rock singer or a guitar player but I can't sing and I can't play the guitar. - Author: Ric Savage
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#6. Libraries rock! Not a sermon, just a fact. As a kid I was a library rat and books changed my life. They can change yours. - Author: David Baldacci
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#7. It's as if I'm Finnick, watching images of my life flash by. The mast of a boat, a silver parachute, Mags laughing, a pink sky, Beetee's trident, Annie in her wedding dress, waves breaking over rocks. Then its over. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#8. My favourite road sign is 'Falling Rocks'. What exactly am I supposed to do with that information? They may as well have a sign saying "Random accidents ahead", "Life's a lottery, Be lucky." - Author: Jimmy Carr
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#9. Rock and roll came in and changed my life and changed the whole music scene forever, and then I grew to love R&B and Motown and all black music, gospel music. But I never dismiss any form of music. I listen to everything. - Author: Elton John
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#10. My beloved boat is broken on the rocks of daily life. I've paid my debts and no longer need to count pains I've suffered at the hands of others. The misfortunes and the insults. Good luck to those who remain. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#11. I find life itself provides ample and sufficient tests of my valor and mettle: illness; betrayal; fruitless searches for love; working for the abusive, the insane, and the despotic. All challenges easily as thrilling to me as scrambling over icy rock in a pair of barely adequate boots. - Author: David Rakoff
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#12. My grandmother's life had been one long opera. There had been drama, heroes, villains, improbable twists, all that. But most of all there had been love, great big waves of it, crashing ceaselessly against the rocks of life, bearing us all back to grace. - Author: Alex George
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#13. Everybody fears the unknown. But I have a strong feeling there's something bigger than us. I don't think all this exists because some rocks happened to collide. I'm at peace. When it comes, I'll be fine, calm. I'll miss life, though. Especially my family. - Author: Roger Ailes
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#14. Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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#15. I am far from an "old" person in human terms, however I've spent over half my life immersed in the punk rock and hardcore community. I am not wholly defined by that as a person, but it is something that has been part of me for a long time. - Author: Jacob Bannon
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#16. I don't want someone to squeeze me, that might take away my life. Just want someone to hold me, and we'll rock through the night. - Author: Tracy Chapman
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#17. I'm against the idea that rock stars have to live a life that's completely understandable or predictable to their audience ... Maybe I'll just be the mysterious figure that'll never be able to truly be defined. Maybe that's what my thing is. - Author: Debbie Harry
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#18. I don't know a lot of guys who started out as a hard rock and roller with a white stripe in their hair. Suddenly I do a TV movie and I wake up the next day and I'm a teen idol, like I'd laid on a beach in California all my life waiting for that to happen. - Author: Rex Smith
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#19. I thought Big Sur would be a great break after the tour. You'd walk down this rickety ladder to this not-very-pretty beach scene; crashing waves, moss-covered rocks, weird ocean life. It was scary. It summed up alot of things in my life, like 'I should be enjoying this, but I'm not. - Author: Trent Reznor
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#20. The Lord is my Rock. He has always been there, always present at good times and bad; and to me when I feel His presence, my life is full. - Author: Aaron Rodgers
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#21. I look at my career and I feel like I haven't even started yet. I feel like I haven't even begun to shift the planet. But I'm so excited because Rock of Ages is one of the first steps of that new phase in my life. - Author: Mia Michaels
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#22. It is Peter himself that He says, 'You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church.' Where Peter is, there is the Church. And where the Church, no death is there, but life eternal. - Author: Ambrose
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#23. I just kind of thought about doing this my whole life. I never doubted myself once. I've always been singing, and I've always wanted to be on tour with a rock band. - Author: Bert McCracken
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#24. It was difficult to get into my friends' rock bands when I was a teenager. They somehow didn't see the need for an accordion player. That's when I realized that I had to find my own path in life. - Author: Al Yankovic
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#25. Vision connects you. But it also separates you. In my work, and my life, I feel a desire to merge. Not in terms of losing my own identity ... but there's a feeling that life is interconnected, that there's life in stones and rocks and trees and dirt, like there is in us. - Author: Bill Viola
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#26. When you're in love, when somebody says something like, "How can you be with that woman?" you say, "What do you mean? I am with this goddess of love, the fulfillment of my whole life. Why are you saying this? Why do you want to throw a rock at her or punish me for being in love with her? - Author: John Lennon
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#27. I don't want to be a rock star all my life.
I couldn't bear to end up like Elvis Presley in Las Vegas with all those housewives and old ladies coming in with their handbags - Author: Mick Jagger
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#28. Maybe because I have spent too much of my life in rock clubs. I don't really go to parties anymore either. I'll usually be in the bus by 11:30 after a show. - Author: Matt Berninger
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#29. The story of my life is profoundly unclear. It is a rock-and-roll story and, at the same time, a story of my walk with Christ. The two are melded together in ways both unpredictable and unsure. - Author: Scott Stapp
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#30. I would not for my life destroy one star of human hope, but I want it so that when a poor woman rocks the cradle and sings a lullaby to the dimpled darling, she will not be compelled to believe that ninety-nine chances in a hundred she is raising kindling wood for hell. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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