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Top 16 My Life Ain't Easy Quotes

#1. Ain't nothing in this life comes easy to any of us, child. Every road you walk down's got a price. Sooner you learn that the better. Don't matter the direction you go, there'll be some bad mixed in with the good and you just gotta learn to take the one with the other. - Author: Victoria Forester
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#2. I always disagree, however, when people end up saying that we can only combat Communism, Fascism or what not if we develop an equal fanaticism. It appears to me that one defeats the fanatic precisely by not being a fanatic oneself, but on the contrary by using one's intelligence. - Author: George Orwell
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#3. Breath was everything. When nothing else could be done: one could breathe and shape and infuse that breath with strength and purpose. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#4. I'm a tulip in a cup. I stand no chance of growing up - Author: Fiona Apple
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#5. Some gal would giggle and I'd get red, and some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head. I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named Sue. - Author: Johnny Cash
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#6. God knows I tried my best to learn the ways of this world, even had inklings we could be glorious; but after all that's happened, the inkles ain't easy anymore. I mean - what kind of fucken life is this? - Author: D.B.C. Pierre
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#7. The NGO-ization of politics threatens to turn resistance into a well-mannered, reasonable, salaried, 9-to-5 job. With a few perks thrown in. Real resistance has real consequences. And no salary. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#8. If you think advantage lies in resources, then you think the best educational system is the one that spends the most money. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#9. Life ain't easy. Terrible things happen to everyone. You have to keep your sense of humor, give something of yourself to others, make friends who are younger than you, learn new things, and have fun. - Author: George Vaillant
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#10. Life ain't easy and you don't get do over's so live it out loud with gusto. - Author: Cree Nations
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#11. I assisted with Russ [Manning] for about eleven months and my day job for 5 days a week was credit manager and paint salesman for Sherwin-Williams. - Author: Mike Royer
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#12. My biggest life lesson is that the past is the past. I do my best not to bring history into my present. It ain't ever easy, but it usually creates more opportunity for joyful experiences. - Author: Dash Mihok
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#13. Life can be simple, it ain't easy. So don't take the easy option. Challenge the resistance, challenge yourself, become great - Author: Tony Curl
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#14. If my life was a song it would be, 'It ain't that easy being green' from Sesame Street. - Author: Jacob Lusk
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#15. A national festival is an occasion to refine and rebuild the national character. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#16. Life ain't always easy and it ain't always fair, but there's beauty in every day. You just gotta know where to look. - Author: Ellery Adams
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