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Top 36 My Favorite Dog Quotes

#1. My favorite type of pet has always been a dog. They're loyal, kind, and offer endless affection. My friend Eric says, 'The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.' Funny thought. - Author: Brendon Urie
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#2. It's my only religion to work hard, and then I'm not under any pressure because I know I've done the work on the character. - Author: Pierre Niney
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#3. The greatest gift on this planet is to love and be loved. - Author: Don Chipp
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#4. Favorite quote from the dog: "Humans have this nee to express themselves through their mouths, and he supposes that this is because they are so poor with their noses." LOL(less) from the dog who danced - Author: Susan Wilson
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#5. He looked like he wanted to lean down and kiss me ... YES! ... Come on!!! ... A little more ... more ... just a little closer ...
What's your favorite dog? Gunner asked as he pulled back and stood away from the door. - Author: Kelly Elliott
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#6. You're a damn dog," Adam finally snapped.
"If you're good enough to fuck someone, be a man enough to take responsibility for the result - Author: Suzanne Enoch
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#7. I love dogs. Like, A LOT. They're my favorite animal. Ever. - Author: Tom Hardy
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#8. I had used my sense of humor; I had called it proportion, perspective. But perspective is distance. - Author: Bel Kaufman
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#9. The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#10. Every human life has many aspects. The past of each one of us can be just as easily arranged into the biography of a beloved statesman as into that of a criminal. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#11. Meow says the cat ,quack says the duck , Bow wow wow says the dog !
Grrrr! - Author: Charles Dickens
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#12. My favorite time in music is probably 1970-75. Still Bill by Bill Withers, Harvest by Neil Young, John Prine's first album, James Taylor's One Man Dog-I hope I can bring the same sort of spirit I hear on those records. - Author: Amos Lee
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#13. I always loved strange stories like the Dr. Seuss stuff. 'Go, Dog. Go!' was one of my favorite stories - it still is. It's just such a bizarre yet true book. And I did well reading and writing as a kid throughout school. I think early on that's what made me realize what an advantage that is. - Author: Jon Scieszka
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#14. Catch a dog in your favorite chair, and he slinks away abashed. The cat will pretend incomprehension; surely you must know it's her chair? - Author: Leonore Fleischer
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#15. We cannot wait any longer to deal with the structural causes of poverty, in order to heal our society from an illness that can only lead to new crises. - Author: Pope Francis
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#16. That was the plan?
part of it, you don't wan tot know the rest. i believe the word 'these dog colllars would make excellent restraints' were involved.
it was a brilliant idea. and we only got really cute well-made collars. this is my favorite. we had the tag engraved to say BUBBA. - Author: Michele Jaffe
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#17. One of my favorite things about playing Avery Jennings on 'Dog With a Blog' is that I get to play a real teenager who deals with everyday issues. - Author: G. Hannelius
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#18. This is wrong. Out of this world wrong.
But then again, so am I. - Author: Helen Boswell
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#19. Beating up on public schools is not just our nation's favorite blood sport, but also a favorite conversational entertainment of the well-off - like debating the most recent toothsome plot twists of 'Big Love' - who, of course, have no dog in the fight. - Author: Sandra Tsing Loh
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#20. Cats are to dogs what modern people are to the people we used to have. Cats are slimmer, cleaner, more attractive, disloyal, and lazy. It's easy to understand why the cat has eclipsed the dog as modern America's favorite poet. People like poets to possess the same qualities they do. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#21. Snoop [Dog] is my favorite artist of all time. He's someone I look up to. - Author: Kid Cudi
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#22. Winning is a habit. - Author: Leo Durocher
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#23. I caught a dream today, in a little place not far from here. Not a dream of fame or fortune, nor one of power and glory, but something more important. I caught a dream of paradise: A paradise of smallmouths, a favorite dog, a clear running stream, and most importantly, contentment. Th - Author: Noey Vineyard
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#24. My favorite figure of the American author is that of a man who breeds a favorite dog, which he throws into the Mississippi River for the pleasure of making a splash. The river does not splash, but it drowns the dog. - Author: Henry Adams
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#25. Life would have been easier if he'd never taught her to believe in heroes by handing her those cookies that day, but it wouldn't have been nearly as magnificent either. - Author: Kele Moon
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#26. I got into hip hop from my uncle; he was always playing us Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane. He was a bad boy, and my mum was not really happy that I was hanging out with him. - Author: Estelle
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#27. Sophie at sixteen," he remembered. "Christ. She was
like a lightning bolt. And she knew it. Irritated the hell out of me. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#28. What a dog I got, his favorite bone is in my arm. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#29. I sprayed my dog with off and he still sits in my favorite chair!! - Author: Neil Leckman
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#30. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. - W. B. Yeats - Author: Daniel Coyle
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#31. Most teachers are not trained in how boys and girls learn differently. - Author: Michael Gurian
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#32. Sure I got sins. Ever'body got sins. A sin is somepin you ain't sure about. Them people that's sure about ever'thing an' ain't got no sin
well, with that kind a son-of-a-bitch, if I was God I'd kick their ass right outa heaven! I couldn' stand 'em! - Author: John Steinbeck
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#33. I am George Rogers Clark. You have just become a prisoner of the Commonwealth of Virginia. - Author: George Rogers Clark
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#34. My favorite way to unwind is to go for a walk with my husband and the dog at the end of the working day, then we go to our local health club for a swim and to sit by the pool and read for a while. - Author: Jacqueline Winspear
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#35. Managers thinking about accounting issues should never forget one of Abraham Lincoln's favorite riddles: How many legs does a dog have, if you call a tail a leg? The answer: Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#36. Oooooo ... pity. My favorite snack next to dog shit. Lucian Roman - Author: Laura Wright
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