Top 14 Muscogee Quotes

#1. Most people don't know that Congo Square was originally a Muscogee ceremonial ground ... in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz.

Joy Harjo

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#2. One series of notes, high and delicate, sang of a sweet moonlight kiss gone sour; another line of music rippled with regret over opportunities forever lost.

Sharon M. Draper

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#3. The Holy Spirit is God the evangelist.

J.I. Packer

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#4. I've worked since I was 18. I have no trust fund and don't expect anything.

Jasmine Guinness

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#5. O, Thou hast damnable iteration; and art, indeed, able to corrupt a saint.

William Shakespeare

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#6. Being bullied is something I experienced in school, and it is not fun.

Bridgit Mendler

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#7. Working on 'Parks' was like heaven because everyone there was just intimidatingly intelligent and funny, and we would have these hilarious debates about really tangential things. It was inspiring because I felt really challenged to be my best.

Chelsea Peretti

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#8. The Jews did not go into darkness all at once. It was a gradual work, until they could not discern the gift of God in sending his Son.

Ellen G. White

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#9. Love is a great beautifier.

Louisa May Alcott

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#10. There is this: We give thanks to God not because of how we feel but because of who He is.

Ann Voskamp

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#11. Being nearly naked around Barrons felt a lot like going to a shark convention lightly basted in blood.

Karen Marie Moning

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#12. Convergence assumes that scientific discoveries matter to faith.

John Haught

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#13. The concept of harmony being preserved by the universe itself was obviously to his taste: he was getting old and was afraid of death.

Vadim Babenko

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#14. We have said the first step was to designate the land, inform the owners. And the second would be to get the responses from the owners. And this will be openly done.

Robert Mugabe

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