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#1. The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer can look for a solution appropiate to his personal style. But one must learn how to use the grid; it is an art that requires practice.

Josef Muller-Brockmann

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#2. I gave myself up to my thoughts - what else could I do! Of course, this was the very worst thing for my head, but I still do not see how I could have avoided it. This winter my programme will be to recover from myself, to rest myself away from my thoughts - for years I have not had this experience.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#3. There is only one desire in life which is good and the desire for the means to realise it is also good.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#4. He was broken because of the army, and the army didn't want him because he was broken.

Tami Hoag

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#5. Savage bears keep at peace with one another.
[Lat., Saevis inter se convenit ursis.]


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#6. You will never find the perfect person but you might be lucky enough to find someone who wants to be.

J.S.B. Morse

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#7. Only a coward captures men the way you did."
"A coward? Or a pragmatist?

Sarah J. Maas

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#8. The law operates by faith. If you believe, no effort is necessary to see the fulfillment of your every desire.

Neville Goddard

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