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#1. Over 100,000 people attend my shows each season and no one can say they haven't heard the Gospel. - Author: Dino Kartsonakis
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#2. Do we want in this nation to lose the backbone of manufacturing in this country? Do we want to be a nation that doesn't want to manufacture anything? - Author: Jennifer Granholm
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#3. The West is not in the West. It is a project, not a place. - Author: Edouard Glissant
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#4. It's being a grown up, which I never figured out how to do, scrubbing the tub, and remembering to eat and shampoo my hair. It's the basics: I can write a whole book, but I cannot handle the basics. - Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
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#5. He'd continue to cry passionately, long after he'd forgotten why he was crying to begin with. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
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#6. I've always warned my clients about fame being very dangerous, and unfortunately, they need to be famous to make a living, but not to be flippant with it, that it could kill them, and to always keep their eye on it. There was no reason for me to do it. I don't make my money off fame, not my fame. - Author: Shep Gordon
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#7. Japanese things - laquers, netsuke, prints - conjure a picture of a place where sensations are always new, where art pours out of daily life, where everything exists in a dream of endless beautiful flow. - Author: Edmund De Waal
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#8. I can show him how to be the right kind of stupid. - Author: Nick Harkaway
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#9. ....breakups mean flowers. - Author: Marsha Qualey
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