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#1. Great are the symbols of Being, But that which is symboled is greater;
Vast the create and beheld, But vaster the Inward Creator. - Author: Richard Realf
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#2. I don't know if I'd do well in a structured, corporate environment. I'm very open. I share everything. I don't care. I don't have anything to hide. I'm very transparent that way. - Author: Dana Brunetti
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#3. None can reply - all seems eternal now. The wilderness has a mysterious tongue, which teaches awful doubt. - Author: Charles Darwin
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#4. The principles applied in economic processes are general social principles. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#5. I have been a stranger in a foreign land. - Author: Moses
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#6. I've broken a lot of my own rules tonight," he said. "Not because I feel sorry for you. I want you. From the moment I first saw you staring at the painting, I wanted you. Come to bed, gorgeous, and claim your fantasy. - Author: Sara Jane Stone
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#7. Tell them to stand closer apart. - Author: Samuel Goldwyn
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#8. I am done living my life in the confines of others' dreams, waiting to live my own. - Author: Anne Osterlund
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#9. No wonder, he thought, that the panhandle people were a godly lot, for they lived in sudden, violent atmospheres. Weather kept them humble.
... it was real muggy earlier, hot enough to cook a bear. Anyway, you get used a rapid weather change. - Author: Annie Proulx
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#10. All is vanity, look you; and so the preacher is vanity too. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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#11. I'm straight, but I love going to house music clubs and flirting with women and gay men. - Author: Moby
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#12. I like having the two sports in my life. It is nice to have a change. They are both intense sports, but the balance I have is working for me at the moment and I find they compliment one another. - Author: Liz Halliday
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#13. Begin each day with positive affirmations. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#14. I'm tryin to make a dollar out of fifteen cents
It's hard to be legit and still pay tha rent - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#15. You have to think anyway, so why not think big? - Author: Donald J. Trump
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