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#1. The word troubled her, though. 'Indispensable.' It was a word people tended to resort to when dispensability was in the air. - Author: Michel Faber
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#2. Science is like a flashlight in the hands of people living in a huge balloon. They can illuminate anything in the balloon, but cannot shine it outside the balloon to see where it is floating - or if it is floating at all. - Author: Huston Smith
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#3. I think everyone's afraid of public speaking. There have been times where I've come out of my own show and been like, 'Oh, God, what am I doing?' ... You have to remind yourself that 'OK, I'm kind of a badass. I can handle it.' - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#4. I'm giving into my tendency to want to blur and blend the lines between art and life, and privacy and sharing. - Author: Lia Ices
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#5. Agent Jones held Sinjin's face in his hands. "I'm going to make balloon animals. People need balloon animals."
"How right you are, strange delusional man," Sinjin said. - Author: Libba Bray
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#6. In the middle of the night, when Laila woke up thirsty, she found their hands still clamped together, in the white-knuckle, anxious way of children clutching balloon strings. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#7. In most developed countries, the average person receives about 16 years of education. Even in developing countries, the population gets five to eight years of education. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#8. He wasn't a religious man but a vision of what Paradise might be came to him, a windowed room afloat on an endless sea, walls packed floor to ceiling with all the books ever written or dreamed of. It was nearly enough to make giving up the world bearable. - Author: Michael Crummey
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#9. I am obliged to renounce violence, and abstain from it altogether. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#10. I like having my back against the wall and doing things I'm not supposed to be good at. - Author: Ed Skrein
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#11. Joy and sorrow are like milk and cookies. That's how well they go together. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#12. I have found that
just as in real life
imagination sometimes has to stand in for experience. - Author: Steve Martin
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#13. Whatever Arys had been up to recently, it wasn't any saner than what I'd been doing. He was losing it, and I was willing to bet he didn't even realize it. At least I knew I was going mad. - Author: Trina M. Lee
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