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#1. Your mind burns a lot of calories. Writing can feel like a physical workout. - Author: Philipp Meyer
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#2. The practice of overcoming hope is recognizing our positive qualities. With excessive hope, we begin to belittle what we have achieved. We might then feel inadequate and have fear of not achieving more. - Author: Sakyong Mipham
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#3. There is no higher religion than the truth. - Author: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
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#4. It's often the case that great artists - people like Bruce Springsteen - tend to pick up the subterranean rumblings of profound social change long before the economic statisticians notice them. Changes start long before they become statistics. - Author: Wayne Swan
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#5. I just write the sort of book that I would enjoy reading myself, a book that is both scholarly and recreates the experience of people at that time. - Author: Antony Beevor
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#6. The less one knows, the more he thinks he knows, and the more willing he is to employ any and all measures to enforce his views upon others. - Author: Paul Harris
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#7. Her cooking suggested she had attended the Cordon Noir. - Author: Leo Rosten
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#8. My pragmatic nature, my impatience, will most likely have me drunk on aged spirit by noon. - Author: S.A. Tawks
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#9. I have traveled all over the world and gone to the highest peaks, and the densest jungles. The Carpathain Mountians will always be my homeland, but my home is a woman. Solange Sangria. You are home to me. Your body is my home. Your mind. Your heart and soul. It matters little to me where we are. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#10. Women in London must have learned not to breathe, - Author: Irene Trimble
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