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Top 5 Motorization Quotes

#1. Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.

Peter Deunov

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#2. I think that for the actors, the last thing that they want is a director that's not watching, a director that goes 'Okay, it sounded good to me,' and they were doing something else or preoccupied with something else because they were worried about the light changing.

Gus Van Sant

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#3. Far away, I can hear Mouflon, our last sheep, bleating in the dark. I wonder if Annie is still out to protect her, still scouring the woods in barefoot pursuit of those dogs. I feel sorry for Annie, alone with a rabid pack of her own delusions. I feel sorrier for Mouflon. She's alone with Annie.

Karen Russell

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#4. His Chosen Ones. What a lie. They're slaves too. You jest cain't see their chains.

Moira Young

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#5. I'm deeply ambitious and I always have been.

Hayley Atwell

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