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Top 13 Most Vulgar Movie Quotes

#1. Predigested food' should be inscribed over every hall of learning as a warning to all who do not wish to lose their own personalities and their original sense of judgment ... - Author: Emma Goldman
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#2. Poetry, like all imaginative creations, divines the human enterprise. This is poetry's social value. - Author: Major Jackson
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#3. The movie cheerfully offends all civilized notions of taste, decorum, manners and hygiene ... is the movie vulgar? Vulgarity is when we don't laugh. When we laugh, it's merely human nature. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#4. If a movie isn't a hit right out of the gate, they drop it. Which means that the whole mainstream Hollywood product has been skewed toward violence and vulgar teen comedy. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#5. I've worn dresses from all different price ranges, and the thing that couture dresses have in common is that the fit is amazing. - Author: Beyonce Knowles
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#6. We live in the midst of a creation that is groaning. - Author: Rob Bell
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#7. Loneliness is the representation of love. Death is compensation of love
Each love is compensated by a head.
It was Shams who sacrificed his head as compensation this time. - Author: Sinan Yagmur
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#8. I never wanted to live a relatable life, I wanted to live an aspirational life. I didn't want to see people who had my life on TV. I wanted to see other lives, right, and so I was always trying to get as much of that stuff as I could. - Author: George Stroumboulopoulos
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#9. Boxing is my real passion. I can go to ballet, theatre, movies, or other sporting events ... and nothing is like the fights to me. I'm excited by the visual beauty of it. A boxer can look so spectacular by doing a good job. - Author: LeRoy Neiman
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#10. I wonder why people use only walls for hanging pictures. - Author: Frederick Salomon Perls
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#11. I absolutely love television, and I don't mean to be vulgar, but as I keep having to explain to people from the movie industry, I get more power and more money doing television, so why on earth would I do a film? - Author: Steven Moffat
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#12. The poor are used to stifling any expression of their despair, because they must get on with life, with work, with the demands made of them day after day, hour after hour. - Author: Georges Simenon
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#13. When the velocity of progress increases beyond a certain point, it becomes indistinguishable from crisis. - Author: Owen Barfield
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