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Top 40 Most Tragedy Love Quotes

#1. No god will spare you forgiveness for loving me. - Author: Liam Levi
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#2. Folk dress in all manner of finery and wonderful hats to go and watch the races, but only if it's horses doing the barreling that day. This, at least, is understandable, for horses, in secret, love hats more than any other creature. It is a horse's tragedy that they can never properly wear one. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#3. Just the thought of you and all the universe conspires against me. - Author: J. Limbu
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#4. Love couldn't be moved by circumstance, poor choices, or even blatant lies - skewed and damaged, yes, but the heart couldn't deny what it wanted most once the desire was planted. Whether in bliss or affliction, love owned you all the same. - Author: Rachael Wade
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#5. I've come to realize that you can fight a lot of things in life, but you can't help who you love. You can't change who your heart chooses. I'm afraid that very fact will be the greatest tragedy of my life. - Author: Sarah Jio
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#6. You can do the impossible, because you have been through the unthinkable. - Author: Christina Rasmussen
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#7. Maybe that was why the French called orgasms "las petites morts": because the things that bring us passion tend to slip past our defenses, to creep insidiously into every facet of our consciousnesses and kill us as ruthlessly, and efficiently, as any drug. - Author: Nenia Campbell
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#8. Life can be at its cruelest with love and dreams. But of course they keep most of us going. - Author: Robert Black
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#9. Tragedy makes you disable, but your attitude towards tragedy keeps you disable. - Author: Sarvesh Jain
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#10. I love you."
Z squeezed his eyes shut. "Don't be a tragedy, Bella. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#11. Either I've got a wart on my nose they find curious, or I've grown a tail, Albie Merani muttered to himself. Just then he thought. I'd better get a move on, got work to do. He hurried across to some stairs, heading down deeper into station, then followed the signs to the pod station. - Author: R.W. Rivers
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#12. I love to communicate, and I love music. That's why I always thought not being able to hear would be a tragedy. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#13. My life's misery and tragedy is my wealth and splendor. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#14. Is it perhaps the one necessity of love, that it be needed? And the one great human tragedy that it so rarely is? - Author: May Sarton
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#15. I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. I love your majesty according to my bond; no more no less. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#16. If tragedy does not ensnare a man, if affliction does not agitate him, if love does not lay him down in the cradle of dreams, then his life is like a blank, white page in the book of existence. In that year I saw the - Author: Kahlil Gibran
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#17. The tragedy of love is that it never ends. - Author: Felix Alexander
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#18. Families, friends and communities often find a source of courage rising up from within. Indeed, sadly, it seems that it is tragedy that often draws out the most and the best from the human spirit - Author: Queen Elizabeth II
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#19. To give space when what one most yearns for is closeness, that is both the great test and great tragedy of love. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#20. I profess myself an enemy to all other joys, which the most precious square of sense possesses, and find I am alone felicitate in your dear highness love. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#21. Thou doth not know the tragedy of a tale between two hearts till the tears of a forgotten love dissolve into the scars of yearning and seep through the cracks of the broken, leaving behind a trail of crimson for all but one to see. - Author: Raneem Kayyali
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#22. The greatest tragedy in life is our inability to experience and express fascination for the people and events we love while in their presence. - Author: Darrell Calkins
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#23. The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it's over. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#24. It is majestic, this love affair of ours, so powerful and regal. It is the kind of love that fairtales are born of. The kind that often ends in tragedy. - Author: Addison Moore
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#25. I understand more than I want to. People act like love is a gift, but it's not. It's theft. It's a goddamn tragedy. Love is losing a vital organ to a man who will never give his in return. - Author: Skye Warren
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#26. Tragedy looks to me like man in love with his own defeat.
Which is only a sloppy way of being in love with yourself. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#27. There is only one real tragedy in a woman's life. The fact that her past is always her lover, and her future invariably her husband. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#28. The greatest drawback to true love was that once true love unexpectedly ends there is no other romance that can replace it. Romance instead becomes a race, with one's new beau consistently failing to meet up to the grand expectations set by the meaning of one's existence. The only one. - Author: Denis Fitzpatrick
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#29. The artist, surgeon, through clay form, can only look for cure with great obstinacy until he discovers, repeatedly, that love is god's only gift that enables man to transcend his tragedy and regain his wholeness and well-being beyond the claws of evil, rampaging as evil may be. - Author: Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
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#30. Don't know when my life came to visualising intense pain and tragedy to putting it down on paper, to putting across a message of love in times of abject hate. Thank you everybody and the conspiracy of the stars for showing me this day. To many, many more books, inshallah, and to many more launches. - Author: Simran Keshwani
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#31. In my sixteen years, I have experienced heartbreak, tragedy and transcending love. In my thirteenth year, I moved to Westerly and experienced all three. - Author: Jaycee Relic
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#32. The greatest tragedy is a life lived and died without knowing Father God intimately and experiencing His love personally. - Author: Bob Parr
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#33. Love is blind, as they say, and because love is blind, it often leads to tragedy: to conflicts in which one love is pitted against another love, and something has to give, with suffering guaranteed in any resolution. - Author: Daniel Dennett
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#34. The Bible is the story of a love drama that looked as if it would end in tragedy - but then Jesus came. - Author: Paul David Tripp
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#35. I look for every opportunity to mix comedy and horror and tragedy. I love catching audiences off-guard. - Author: John Lithgow
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#36. One of the greatest things drama can do, at it's best, is to redefine the words we use every day such as love, home, family, loyalty and envy. Tragedy need not be a downer. - Author: Ben Kingsley
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#37. Let your Tragedy Make You. Not Break You.
-Trudy Love
Learning to Live
R.D. Cole - Author: R.D. Cole
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#38. I love you, with a touch of tragedy and quite madly. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#39. It's the tragedy of loving, you can't love anything more than something you miss. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#40. Of everything
I have ever endured,


My Favourite Tragedy. - Author: Meraaqi
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