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Top 19 Morning Greeting Quotes

#1. When you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anyone

Bonnie Gillespie

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#2. May the sun bring opportunities

Lyn Gala

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#3. A bizarre sensation pervades a relationship of pretense. No truth seems true. A simple morning's greeting and response appear loaded with innuendo and fraught with implications. Each nicety becomes more sterile and each withdrawal more permanent.

Maya Angelou

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#4. I acknowledged Gabe and his attempts at flight the way a legless child might view a hopeful but misguided parent buying a house full of stairs. After a while, when Gabe offered me a morning greeting, it didn't feel like he was greeting me but rather a giant pair of wings; no girl, just feathers.

Leslye Walton

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#5. Cicero himself appeared, hand in hand with Tullia, nodding good morning to everyone, greeting each by name ("the first rule in politics, Tiro: never forget a face").

Robert Harris

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#6. Every sensible banker understands that Greece should not have received any more money: a bankrupt state that can never be expected to repay loans is not a good debtor.

Yanis Varoufakis

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#7. From what I have said of the natives of New Holland they may appear to some to be the most wretched people upon earth but in reality they are far happier than we Europeans, being wholly unacquainted not only with the superfluous, but

James Cook

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#8. Joy is a marvelous increasing of what exists, a pure addition out of nothingness.

Rainer Maria Rilke

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#9. Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Night! These are not just mere greetings.
They are powerful blessings, setting the best vibration for the day. Hence, whether it is morning, afternoon or night, make sure that you say your greeting right!

Franco Santoro

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#10. I believe that God wants me to be president.

George W. Bush

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#11. An ending was an ending. No matter how many pages of sentences and paragraphs of great stories led up to it, it would always have the last word.

Sarah Dessen

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#12. What of it? If I die, I die. It will be no great loss to the world, and I am thoroughly bored with life. I am like a man yawning at a ball; the only reason he does not go home to bed is that his carriage has not arrived yet.

Mikhail Lermontov

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#13. In all probability, when the 1919 series is over, a diagnosis of it will show that the final result was brought about by some unusual situation or freak happening that was given no consideration when the relative strength of the two clubs was considered.

Billy Evans

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#14. My good friends David and Avi sent me a text greeting from their gym in NYC at 8 a.m. this morning. Isn't that a fine how do you do!

Dean Haglund

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#15. Everyone else would climb a peak by looking for a path somewhere in the mountain. Nash would climb another mountain altogether and from that distant peak would shine a searchlight back onto the first peak.

Donald J. Newman

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#16. If the fiscal cliff occurs, I don't think the Federal Reserve has the tools to offset that event.

Ben Bernanke

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#17. It is utterly forbidden to be half-hearted about gardening. You have got to love your garden whether you like it or not.

W.C. Sellar

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#18. The Air Force had put out a secret order for its pilots to capture UFOs. For the last six months we have been working with a congressional committee for investigating official secrecy concerning proof that UFOs are real machines under intelligent.

Donald Keyhoe

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#19. There is no friend like an old friend who has shared our morning days, no greeting like his welcome, no homage like his praise.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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