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#1. Dreams are a scientific fact. - Author: Robyn Hitchcock
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#2. I wanted to be a part of the downtown renaissance. - Author: Thomas Reid
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#3. Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit. - Author: Jeremy Taylor
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#4. Work less than you think you should. It took me a while to realise there was a point each day when my creativity ran out and I was just producing words - usually lousy ones - for their own sake. And nap: it helps to refresh the brain, at least mine. - Author: Amy Waldman
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#5. In the life of a real writer, nothing is ever lost, no word you write is a waste of your time or energy. - Author: Larry Brooks
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#6. No matter when you had been to this spot before, a thousand years ago or a hundred thousand years ago, or if you came back to it a million years from now, you would see some different things each time, but the scene would be generally the same. - Author: Neil Armstrong
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#7. It mattered little to anyone outside the Transcendental coterie that Bronson Alcott had finally written something publishable - his "Orphic Sayings" - for the opening issue; or that an unemployed schoolteacher named Henry David Thoreau had his first piece published in its pages. - Author: Megan Marshall
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#8. You've got to keep your body active, even if that means just turning on some music and dancing for an hour ... That's how you;ll prepare your bodies and your minds for greatness. - Author: Michelle Obama
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#9. Women share this planet 50/ 50 and they are underrepresented
their potential astonishingly untapped. - Author: Emma Watson
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#10. Let us assume nothing, and we shall not be moritifed. - Author: Anna Robertson Brown Lindsay
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#11. I'm so thrilled to manufacture in LA and to support the finely skilled craftsmen and women. Making it in America ensures that the fashion industry will continue to thrive in this country for years to come. - Author: Nanette Lepore
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#12. Please God, please God, can you please tell me why? I ask this of you, yet in my heart, I know. - Author: Rita Leganski
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#13. My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis, - Author: Drew Barrymore
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#14. When it comes to who will like your writing; the ones who will like it will like it because they can relate to the story or can find a piece of their own story hidden within - regardless of the mistakes. The ones who won't, never will - no matter what. - Author: Beverly S. Harless
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