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#1. None of the films I've done was designed for a mass audience, except for 'Indiana Jones.' Nobody in their right mind thought 'American Graffiti' or 'Star Wars' would work. - Author: George Lucas
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#2. My spirit is too weak
Weighs heavily on me like unwilling sleep,
And each imagin'd pinnacle and steep
Of godlike hardship tells me I must die
Like a sick Eagle looking at the sky. - Author: John Keats
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#3. The greatest compliment in the world is your adult children telling you they had a wonderful childhood. - Author: Ron Baratono
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#4. 'American Graffiti' was unpleasant because of the fact that there was no money, no time, and I was compromising myself to death. - Author: George Lucas
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#5. 'American Graffiti' stayed in my mind, but I don't think to this day I've done a film that captured that same level of melancholy. It was so well done. Talking about it has given me the idea I might try harder to make that melancholy film! - Author: Jean Reno
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#6. Presence is not some exotic state that we need to search for or manufacture. In the simplest terms, it is the felt sense of wakefulness, openness, and tenderness that arises when we are fully here and now with our experience. - Author: Tara Brach
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#7. I was a banker in Morocco when I first saw 'American Graffiti.' It was before I was an actor, a melancholy time in my life, and this mood was reflected in the film. - Author: Jean Reno
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#8. I watched a lot of movies about teenagers, including 'The Last Picture Show,' 'American Graffiti,' 'Rumblefish.' It's one of my favorite genres. - Author: Gia Coppola
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#9. You there was, or might be, such a man / As this I dreamt of?" - he can only answer like a Roman, "Gentle madam, no, - Author: James Shapiro
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#10. Like bees around honey. Why are bees so attracted to honey, since they make it? It can only be vanity. - Author: Simon Munnery
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