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#1. Home is watching the moon rise over the open, sleeping land and having someone you can call to the window, so you can look together. Home is where you dance with others, and dancing is life. - Author: Stephen King
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#2. It is wonderful to dance with the moon under the twinkling starlight! - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#3. They danced by the light of the moon. - Author: Edward Lear
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#4. My favourite festival experience is a show at midnight with the moon blazing and a crowd full of open hearts ready to dance. - Author: Lykke Li
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#5. Why don't you take Rhydian? - Author: Debbie Moon
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#6. Poison or elixir, narcotic or aphrodisiac, whatever it was, this flower, relic of a day in the life of an accidental writer, an inadvertent counterfeiter leaving his traces in code, the birds were coming to try it, performing a dance for no one and flying up toward the moon. - Author: Cesar Aira
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#7. The moon is dark, and the gods dance in the night; there is terror in the sky, for upon the moon hath sunk an eclipse foretold in no books of men or of earth's gods. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#8. The moon rose above the canopy and a dreamy mist swirled around our knees as we danced, fingers entwined and hearts in sync with the universe; just a prince and his princess, a boy and a girl, learning to love in a beautiful world. - Author: Aishabella Sheikh
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#9. Protect the ears of your heart, rather than being drawn in each day like the fading tides that dance daily with the moon. - Author: Eric Samuel Timm
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#10. It was quite wrong of me Had I heard what I thought I'd heard or were my ears playing hob with me It was more likely that the sun and the moon should suddenly dance a jolly jig in the heavens than that one of my sisters should apologize. It was simply unheard of. - Author: Alan Bradley
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#11. There was no violence, no speed. It moved to the rhythm of an elder dance, putting all the rituals of the world to shame. Black, silver, gold and moon-opal, night and sea, fire, earth, air and water. - Author: Tanith Lee
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#12. Then to the dance, and make the sober moon ... witness of joys that shun the sights of noon. - Author: William Cowper
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#13. Dance when the moon sings, and don't cry about troubles that haven't yet come. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#14. Darling, if you danced like an elderly elephant with arthritis, I would dance the sun and moon into the sea with you. I have waited a thousand years to see you dance in that frock. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
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#15. People easily understand that 'primitives' cement their social order by believing in ghosts and spirits, and gathering each full moon to dance together around the campfire. What we fail to appreciate is that our modern institutions function on exactly the same basis. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
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#16. The Earth spins once a day. It goes around the sun once a year. The moon goes round the earth every 28 days. Your heart beats in a rhythm particular only to you. Everything has its drumbeat and everything contributes to the dance. You've just got to know when to lead and when to follow. - Author: William Meikle
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#17. The wind? I am the wind. The sea and the moon? I am the sea and the moon. Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them. I dance what I am. Sin, prayer, flight, the light that never was on land or sea? I dance what I am. - Author: Isadora Duncan
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#18. Give me the setting sun, and I'll be a richer man than most / For never have I seen gold like that which glows above the earth. / Give me the night sky, and I'll be rich beyond all ruin / For never have I seen diamonds like those that dance beside the moon. - Author: Rachel Morgan
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#19. I'll teach you to dance."
She smiled. "Right here?"
"Are you going to sing for me as well?"
He sighed. "Have you ever heard a dog howl at the moon?"
"That bad, is it?"
"I'm probably insulting the dog. - Author: Victoria Lynne
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#20. All night have the roses heard
The flute, violin, bassoon;
All night has the casement jessamine stirr'd
To the dancers dancing in tune;
Till a silence fell with the waking bird,
And a hush with the setting moon. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
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#21. Listen,' she whispered and pointed towards the window. 'Whenever the wind blows from the east and the wind chimes dance in the moonlight, there is magic in the air. - Author: Carole Carlton
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#22. Just because you don't see it right away doesn't mean it's not there. So laugh under the stars. Dance in the rain. Howl at the moon. You never know who's watching. - Author: Erica Hayes
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#23. (a womanist)
3. Loves music. Loves dance. Loves the moon. Loves the Spirit. Loves love and food and roundness. Loves struggle. Loves the Folk. Loves herself. Regardless. - Author: Alice Walker
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#24. Isn't it amazing?" I asked. "How the ocean bows to the moon."
"Some people believe that it is the lure of the moon that compels the ocean's waves to swell. I believe that it's the ocean's dance that entices the moon's rays to shine upon it, - Author: Nicole Gulla
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#25. Dancing up the full moon
Round some fair new altar
Trample the soft blossoms of fine grass. - Author: Sappho
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#26. Shake those stars from your hair, pretty Moonchild. It's time to dance with the noonday sun! - Author: Jaeda DeWalt
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#27. You be the sun, I'll be the moon, let's share the stars and dance in the sky. - Author: Karen Quan
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#28. My rich Diana. Fly me to the moon with you. Dance among the stars.
Treacle. Romantic hogwash. Derivative. Unworthy.
My rich Diana. I hate you, hate you, hate you. Hate you, hate.
"Do it," he said. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#29. The dance between darkness and light will always remain - the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#30. If the character has the motivation to dance round trees, then I will dance round trees. If the motivation is strong enough, then I'll fly to the moon. - Author: Rahul Bose
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#31. You can't dance with me in the day and sleep in his arms at night. You can't have the sun and moon at the same time. Unless there's an eclipse. - Author: Neha Yazmin
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#32. If you wait to dance on the moon, you may never dance at all. - Author: Nadia Hashimi
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#33. Dance with me, Celaena, he said again, his voice rough. When her eyes met his she forgot about the cold, and the moon, and the glass palace looming above them. The secret library and the king's plans and Mort and Elena faded into nothing. She took his hand and there was only the music and Chaol. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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