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Top 19 Montgomery Boycott Quotes

#1. Most sailors weren't observant in that fashion. Pity she wasn't most sailors. Jinan Seton was a fine specimen of masculinity. - Author: Katharine Ashe
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#2. What separated the living from one another could be as impenetrable as whatever barrier separated the living from the dead. - Author: Joshua Ferris
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#3. Clearly, we need more incentives to quickly increase the use of wind and solar power; they will cut costs, increase our energy independence and our national security and reduce the consequences of global warming. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#4. There were these great women in Montgomery, [Rosa Louise] Parks was among them. Jo Ann Robinson [who organized the bus boycott] was among them. It's always these ordinary women and men of grace who have been waiting and seething and planning to change things that are unjust that bring movement. - Author: Marian Wright Edelman
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#5. History shows that all protest movements rely on symbols - boycotts, strikes, sit-ins, flags, songs. Symbolic action on whatever scale - from the Montgomery Bus Boycott to wearing a simple wristband - is designed to disrupt our everyday complacency and force people to think. - Author: Hugh Evans
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#6. There were three Selma-to-Montgomery marches in March 1965, and Rosa Parks had missed the first one. Parks, whose act of civil disobedience sparked the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955, moved to Detroit two years later for safety reasons. - Author: Douglas Brinkley
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#7. It was quite nice meeting up because we went through a lot together and we haven't really seen each much other to communicate one to one for quite a long time. - Author: Graham Coxon
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#8. The symbol in Chinese for crisis is made up of two ideographs: one means danger, the other means opportunity. This symbol is a reminder that we can choose to turn a crisis into an opportunity or into a negative experience. - Author: Virginia Satir
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#9. and miles to go before i sleep... - Author: Robert Frost
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#10. A man told me that for a woman, I was very opinionated. I said, 'for a man you're kind of ignorant'. - Author: Anne Hathaway
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#11. First, imagine taking the potentially regret - producing path of inaction. Then imagine what the very best outcome would be were you to take this risk. By picturing both scenarios in advance, you can avoid the regret of what might have been. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#12. Valyrian is oddly easier than Dothraki. It's got a more lyrical flow to it that feels more familiar to the way I speak. That makes it slightly easier. - Author: Emilia Clarke
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#13. I had kissed the monster who governed our world - Author: Rosamund Hodge
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#14. I've had a few gigs where things have got out of hand and there has been a huge crush with my fans. They are important and I don't want them being hurt. They are a mad crowd. - Author: Justin Bieber
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#15. The Montgomery bus boycott would have happened without King, but King's oratory helped to ensure that the boycott came one of those exceptional local movements for justice that would send ripples of inspiration to oppressed people everywhere. - Author: Troy Jackson
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#16. Education has for its object the formation of character. - Author: Herbert Spencer
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#17. Description begins in the writer's imagination, but should finish in the reader's. - Author: Stephen King
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#18. I think the Montgomery bus boycott initiated an era of self-determination. - Author: Joseph Lowery
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#19. I'd rather be by myself than be spending any time or energy on somebody that I didn't feel sure about. - Author: Blake Lively
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