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Top 34 Monday Off Work Quotes

#1. People build continuity into their life: Places, friends and goals. We go to work on Monday with plans for Friday night, enroll as freshmen intending to be seniors and save money for retirement. We try to control what comes next and shape it to meet our will. - Author: Nathaniel Fick
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#2. Most of people says that we start work from coming Monday , If You Want to do, Don't wait for Right Monday, Just do it Now, otherwise you will always waiting for right Monday. Don't waste time utilize it. - Author: Umair Gurmani
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#3. Work in a way that you look forward to Monday mornings - Author: Swami Parthasarathy
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#4. Sunday just came down like a nine-pound hammer ... it was tainted with the closing-in feeling of the loss of freedom. Because after the sun went down, it came back up on Monday morning. And you had to go to work five more days. And it sucked. - Author: Larry Brown
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#5. I did enjoy the broadcasting work of King, Punk and Josh Mathews last Monday on Raw. Josh is a hard working young man who does his homework and he did well with his opportunity to sit at the grown up table on Raw. - Author: Jim Ross
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#6. and tested room service. I left her at work Monday - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#7. How many people just get up on Monday and do the same thing they've done every single Monday - go to work and just turn on route automatic and no longer have any meaning in their life? - Author: Erwin McManus
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#8. By and large I think art is made by people who have discipline married to talent in sufficiently large amounts to work even if they don't feel like it. Anybody can get maudlin and decide to write poetry at 11 at night; the question is, can you do it at 8:30 on a Monday morning..? - Author: Clive Barker
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#9. For you to be successful and provide your employees with the necessary tools for success, you and your boss must work together - no matter what. - Author: David Cottrell
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#10. If each Monday morning, you make a choice to move into the new work week with renewed commitment and passion, you can change all areas of your life. You can truly change your Mondays and change your life. - Author: David Cottrell
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#11. I have a day job Monday to Friday. I work at a record label in Brooklyn called Ba Da Bing. It's a great indie label and I listen to music all day. I meet people online and find out about the cool new music blogs. - Author: Sharon Van Etten
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#12. A schedule so tight that it would only work if I didn't sleep on Monday nights. - Author: Alan Jay Lerner
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#13. Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year! - Author: David Dweck
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#14. Something real, cool, and solid, lies before you something unromantic as Monday morning, when all who have work wake with the consciousness that they must rise and betake themselves thereto. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#15. Monday at 9 A.M. is when people start their workweek," Joy said passionately. "Think about that, George. People would rather die than go to work, - Author: Jon Gordon
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#16. Work isn't really work for me. I hate to tell you this, but I've never liked the weekend in my life. I was enthusiastic about Monday morning from the day I left college. - Author: John Kluge
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#17. Why work today? I'll take Tuesday on, just like I took Monday off. That's just the kind of dedicated worker I am. - Author: Will Advise
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#18. Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short, for a sort of life rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying. - Author: Studs Terkel
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#19. A high percentage of organisations develop a military rationale, whereby only a very small number of people make all of the decisions. There is little wonder, then, that people aren't keen to get out of bed and come to work on a Monday morning. - Author: Ricardo Semler
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#20. If you have a headache every Monday morning when it is time for you to go to work, perhaps you're driving the wrong car, perhaps you're taking the wrong route, or you may be in the wrong line of work. Obviously, only you can figure out the message. - Author: Christiane Northrup
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#21. Strict shopping laws mean that most German shops close on Saturday afternoons, reopening only on Monday when everybody is back at work. - Author: Luke Harding
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#22. To work for the sheer joy of it, to wake up and be really excited on a Monday, to love what you do so much that the idea of a long vacation looks boring - that's living. - Author: Manoj Arora
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#23. The streets were full of insane & dull people. Most of them lived in nice houses and didn't seem to work, and you wondered how they did it. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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#24. You need to hit Monday ready to go ... To do that, you need weekends that rejuvenate you, rather than exhaust or disappoint you. Cross-training makes you a better athlete, and likewise, exercise, volunteer work, and spiritual activities make you a better worker. - Author: Laura Vanderkam
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#25. Bring your whole self to work. I don't believe we have a professional self Monday through Friday and a real self the rest of the time. It is all professional and it is all personal. - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#26. You don't usually work Mondays, do you? What about Tuesday?
I grinned. She knew I didn't work on Monday. That meant she was aware of my schedule. Nice. We were both creepers. - Author: Helena Hunting
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#27. Training is full-on. Some days I really don't want to get out of bed and hit that track again. Sunday and Monday morning sessions are always horrible. But who really looks forward to going to work on a Monday morning? - Author: Jessica Ennis
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#28. I work during the days and have night classes on Wednesday and Thursday and live with my partner, who is in school during the days and works Wednesday through Saturday nights. Monday and Tuesday are therefore our nights, and we both get our work out of the way so we can actually spend time together. - Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
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#29. I do my podcast on Mondays for a specific reason. A lot of people go to work and don't like their jobs. If you give people something to laugh about, it's good. - Author: Bill Burr
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#30. I'll feel guilty Monday, but today I can't think about anything work related. My head will literally burst. - Author: Alice Clayton
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#31. Monday Night Football started in 1970, and when it started, it was something extremely special because sports had not been aired in prime time. So, it was a novelty, and a lot of people thought it wouldn't work, and, of course, it worked spectacularly well. - Author: Al Michaels
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#32. The worst type of employee you can have is one who has mentally quit and is still physically coming to work every day. - Author: David Cottrell
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#33. You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy. - Author: Bob Ross
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#34. There's something about the schedule of working in TV that's attractive. You know exactly what the next six months is going to be like: You'll work Monday through Friday and have the weekends off, and then there's going to be a hiatus here, so you can kind of plan a little bit. - Author: Nat Faxon
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