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#1. All great reality shows have a very, very similar format. That's why it was so easy to parody.

Cat Deeley

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#2. My childhood was very sheltered. I grew up in a palace. But I lived in Morocco as a Moroccan citizen.

Mohammed VI Of Morocco

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#3. I have a lot of respect for countries where the practice of democracy is highly developed. I think, however, that each country has to have its own specific features of democracy.

Mohammed VI Of Morocco

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#4. It's always a struggle. It's an uphill battle the whole time. But you know what? The rewards are so graet, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Jennifer Lopez

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#5. If heartbreak had a sound, it would be her sob.

Jay McLean

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#6. One of the maddening ironies of writing books is that it leaves so little time for reading others'. My bedside is piled with books, but it's duty reading: books for book research, books for review. The ones I pine for are off on a shelf downstairs.

Mary Roach

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#7. Morocco has a lot to do in terms of democracy. The daily practice of democracy evolves in time. Trying to apply a Western democratic system to a country of the Maghreb, the Middle East, or the Gulf would be a mistake. We are not Germany, Sweden or Spain.

Mohammed VI Of Morocco

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#8. I may appear to be full of myself because I always want better.

Mohammed VI Of Morocco

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#9. I am a fosterer of animals.

Bellamy Young

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#10. The only morality I'm interested in is the morality between your ears, between each player's ears, because that's the interesting thing to me.

Warren Spector

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#11. There is a genius of a nation, which is not to be found in the numerical citizens, but which characterizes the society.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#12. I have a lot of respect for His Majesty Juan Carlos. I call him Uncle Juan because he is an extraordinary person whom I have known for a long time.

Mohammed VI Of Morocco

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#13. The truck stopped in front of the hospital. Everyone seemed relieved that they would tend to the bald man's injuries. But they did not. They were waiting. A woman who was also on the list was giving birth to a baby. As soon as the umbilical cord was cut, they would both be thrown into the truck.

Ruta Sepetys

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#14. It's hard not to root for Henrik Lundqvist, he's practically perfect.

Mike Milbury

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#15. We've been around for a long time, Mr. Dowell. Longer than you or any of your stupid little friends could ever conceive. Sleeping in the shadows and waiting for the right moment. A disease you might call us. A plague. Evil. From beneath the ground, it rises as it has done many times in the past.

Jeyn Roberts

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#16. Our abilities and giftedness does not end of this earth; we will continue to serve the Lord in agreement with our abilities on this earth.

Paul P. Enns

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#17. As Commander of the Faithful, it is out of the question that I fight Islam. We need to fight violence and ignorance. It is true, when one strolls out, one sees women with scarves and men with beards. This has always been the case in Morocco. Morocco is built on tolerance.

Mohammed VI Of Morocco

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#18. Hillary Clinton bothers me a lot. I realized the other day that her thoughts sound a lot like Karl Marx. She hangs around a lot of Marxists. All her friends are Marxists.

Dick Armey

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#19. I'm just taking advantage of good pitches. I am seeing the ball well and my confidence is high.

Jose Bautista

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