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#1. Only Gnostics and contemporaries qualify, for they alone are both severed from their unconscious and aware of the fact. - Author: C. G. Jung
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#2. There are just so many young designers now. - Author: Jack McCollough
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#3. Age ain't got nothing to do with how old you are. - Author: Dick Clark
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#4. Of all the hurdles you will need to face in this life time the hardest will be your self imposed limitations - Author: Jan Hellriegel
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#5. Without the support from religion
remember, we talked about it
no father, using only his own resources, would be able to bring up a child. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#6. I read with some amusement my reputation as a ladies' man. My friends are amused by that, too, because they know my life. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#7. I returned to London in the spring of 1926 for the General Strike. It was the topic of Paris. The French, exultant as always at the discomfiture of their former friends, and transposing into their own precise terms our mistier notions from across the Channel, foretold revolution and civil - Author: Evelyn Waugh
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#8. The cigarette gets the credit for everything and the blame for nothing. - Author: Allen Carr
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#9. You find your tribe and you stick with them. - Author: Kathryn Hahn
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#10. Arrows of insight have to be winged by the feathers of speculation. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#11. Jesus Christ will be the leader of an intergalactic earth evacuation. We're getting some earth leaders up there to check the mother ship. The Bible says that the sky will be glorious and Christ will come back to us all. - Author: Nina Hagen
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#12. Prayer endows us with the power to draw near to our Eternal Father. How important it is, then, that one of our fundamental teachings to our children is how to pray. - Author: L. Tom Perry
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