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Top 12 Missouri Football Quotes

#1. The devil has spit in the soup. Nothing comes out even. Nothing sounds right. Nothing rejoices and warms. Everything is desolate, sad, foul. All strings out of tune. All colors faded. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#2. It doesn't escape him that the rock holding it up is the perfect fit for his fist. Or how easily one of those needle spokes would slide right through the girl's eye like Jell-O. - Author: Lauren Beukes
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#3. If you fall into a lion's pit, the reason the lion will tear you to pieces is not because it's hungry-be assured, zoo animals are amply fed-or because it's bloodthirsty, but because you've invaded it's territory. - Author: Yann Martel
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#4. I've spent most of my life trying to wear a persona that didn't quite fit and when I started writing books, it was like finally becoming the right person. - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#5. Do not hold on to people. Hold on to good memories. - Author: Joan Ambu
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#6. And after we returned to the savannahs and abandoned the trees, did we long for those great graceful leaps and ecstatic moments of weightlessness in the shafts of sunlight of the forest roof? - Author: Carl Sagan
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#7. Playing quarterback ... it's no joke ... The difference here with Johnny Manziel, there's a lot of style and very little substance. - Author: Boomer Esiason
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#8. It's very hard to find things that rhyme with North American Free Trade Agreement. - Author: Chris Martin
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#9. I'm a little bit of a control freak. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#10. Living up to an image that you have of yourself or that other people have of you is inauthentic living. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#11. We must repeat the often repeated saying, that it is unworthy a religious man to view an irreligious one either with alarm or aversion, or with any other feeling than regret and hope and brotherly commiseration. - Author: John Keats
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#12. To me, the counterculture was always what I grew up with the hippies in the late '60s. But, however you define it, it's really the excesses of youth and it's something that everyone goes through to some extent. Or if they don't, they should do. - Author: Derek Ridgers
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