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#1. I was missing the opportunity to see my friends' children grow up, to have my son go to his friends' homes and be involved with their parents. - Author: Karen Hughes
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#2. Although I miss my family and friends when I'm away from Amsterdam, I've never had that feeling of missing a city like I have with New Orleans. Especially for the music. - Author: Michiel Huisman
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#3. I found, increasingly, that I did not particularly care and I tried to fake a little kindness, a little sweetness, tried to mirror Luna back at herself, but that exhausted me after a week and I concluded that I was not meant for this sort of thing, friends, friendliness, no, I wasn't meant for it. - Author: Catherine Lacey
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#4. I'm missing something, you know? That special 'sparkle' that ;life is supposed to bring. I have the job, the child, the family, the apartment and the friends, but I've lost the sparkle./ - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#5. The new is older than the old;
And newest friend is oldest friend in this:
That, waiting him, we longest grieved to miss
One thing we sought. - Author: Helen Hunt Jackson
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#6. I definitely miss New Zealand. Mainly friends and family. - Author: Bret McKenzie
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#7. But even with new friends and a job with people I really cared about, my life seemed to be missing something. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#8. She hadn't planned on getting laid tonight but then she hadn't planned on missing her home and her friends and being thnis down and, frankly, this bored on her special day. She was so relieved to see a guy her own age it was worth a thank-you-for-walking-into-this-bar-fuck alone. - Author: Amy Andrews
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#9. Don't look down on them for looking down on us. Look at them, instead, as friends we don't know yet and who don't yet know what they are missing in not knowing us. - Author: Frederick Buechner
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#10. I'm safe, even if I'm a jerk."
"I have friends who will hunt you down and kill you if I go missing. - Author: Susan May Warren
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#11. A young lady had only one complaint about her good husband: "My husband always praises me to other people," she said, "Often I hear from friends the wonderful things he has said about me. But I miss something, because he never gets around to saying these some things to me, to my face." - Author: James Keller
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#12. I was missing out on a lot of things that my friends were doing, but in another way, they were missing things I was doing. It was kind of a trade-off I had to make. - Author: Victoria Azarenka
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#13. I don't miss playing for the Yankees. I miss my friends, my teammates. - Author: Rafael Soriano
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#14. Like all her friends, I miss her greatly ... But ... I am sure there is no case for lamentation ... Virginia Woolf got through an immense amount of work, she gave acute pleasure in new ways, she pushed the light of the English language a little further against darkness. Those are facts. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#15. I mean, I've - these other films were flukes. I don't know what I'm doing. I should just quit. What would I miss? I'd miss my house and I'd miss going to work. But I think the thing that I've realized I would miss most is probably similar to everybody, which is your friends. - Author: Pete Docter
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#16. If I stayed angry at other people, I would miss finding friends among those I was angry with. - Author: Rosa Parks
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#17. There should be a little gap between you and your friends, though you'll miss their companionship and you'll also miss their disrespect. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#18. All the faces on the photographs have changed,
To not confuse it all, the names remain the same - Author: Antimatter
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#19. It's the person that calls you up because they're eating at 'our favorite spot,' and it made them think of you and miss being there with you. That's a friend, to me. - Author: Crystal Woods
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#20. You can ache for where you come from, and it's homesickness. A relationship, and it's heartbreak. But is there a word for missing your friends like that? - Author: Emery Lord
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#21. England is my home. I could never leave. I'd miss my family and friends too much. - Author: Melanie Brown
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#22. People who feel insecure in social situations never miss a chance to exhibit their dominance over close, submissive friends, whomthey put down publicly, in front of everyone
by teasing, for example. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#23. I miss friends and family. If it weren't for visits from old friends and other African Americans I meet who come to Cuba, I'd probably be in some kind of time warp. - Author: Assata Shakur
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#24. I moved to San Francisco when I was 20 years old. I couldn't even drink yet. My friends in college thought I was so stupid for missing out on the four best years of my life. But I was so ready to start living my own life and absorb Silicon Valley culture. - Author: Brit Morin
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#25. We soon cease to feel the grief at the deaths of our friends, yet we continue to the end of our lives to miss them. They are still with us in their absence. - Author: Gerald Brenan
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#26. I'll miss Hollywood. Of the twenty friends I thought I had, I'll miss the six I really had. - Author: Lauren Bacall
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#27. My bedroom was filled with reading material: books salvaged from dustbins, books borrowed from friends, books with missing pages, books found in the street, abandoned, unreadable, torn, scribbled on, unloved, unwanted and dismissed. My bedroom was the Battersea Dogs' Home of books. - Author: Christopher Fowler
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#28. Why don't we do the whole friends with benefits thing?" he asks seriously.
"Because I don't think I'd enjoy having the benefits you give me removed" I answer back not missing a beat.
"Just friends it is then" he says not perturbed and starts eating his lunch. - Author: R.S. Burnett
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#29. But I just felt at one point that I was on a hamster wheel, you know? Just doing movie after movie and thinking so much about career related things and I think missing out on hanging with my friends and family as much I needed to. - Author: Woody Harrelson
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#30. Oops! This young scientist tried to clean his friends' copper ID bracelets. But the acid was too strong and it removed part of each letter! Question: Can you add the missing lines to complete the letters and see to whom each bracelet belongs? - Author: Tom Robinson
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#31. If the portraits of our absent friends are pleasant to us, which renew our memory of them and relieve our regret for their absence by a false and empty consolation, how much more pleasant are letters which bring us the written characters of the absent friend. - Author: Heloise D'Argenteuil
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#32. I'll miss all my teammates. I'll miss Elvis (Andrus) and (Adrian) Beltre, Mitch (Moreland), Matt Harrison and [manager Ron] Washington. To be honest with you, I hope they go 0-162. I got friends, and I love my friends, but I hope they lose their ass. - Author: Ian Kinsler
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#33. John Le Mesurier wishes it to be known that he conked out on November 15th. He sadly misses family and friends. - Author: John Le Mesurier
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#34. A photo frame with many pictures is the best present ever for a long trip. I can almost feel all those moments.. - Author: W.
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#35. I know that I have a lot of friends who are envious of me. But if there is something to be gained, obviously something else has to be lost, right? Lately I miss the things I've lost. - Author: Minzy
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#36. I have friends and illustrators who can't stand drawing on the Cintiq. [A graphic pad tablet used by digital animators] There's a certain tension and friction when you draw on paper that they miss. The tablet is very slick. It's like drawing on glass. But that didn't bother me at all. - Author: Don Hertzfeldt
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#37. I miss you not because i don't have any one in life, but i miss you because i have no one like you. - Author: Debolina
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#38. I like New York better than Seattle. It's bigger. I was really sad when I left, because I miss my friends, but I call them almost every day, and I have friends here now. - Author: Rachel Trachtenburg
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#39. The amount of missing girls I've had to trace and their family and their friends always say the same thing. 'She was a bright and affectionate disposition and had no men friends'. That's never true. It's unnatural. Girls ought to have men friends. If not, then there's something wrong about them ... - Author: Agatha Christie
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#40. Don't confine yourself to a select group of friends, often known as a clique. Cliques by definition leave people out. Lock yourself into one, and you'll never know how many terrific friendships you may be missing. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#41. I'm kind of like a guy who's missing a little bit of the guy gene. Like, I love steak, but the notion of golfing is the last thing I would want to do. I love women, but I'm also a mama's boy, and some of my best friends are women. So I'm kinda half guy's guy. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#42. Boys are sent out into the world to buffet with its temptations, to mingle with bad and good, to govern and direct - girls are to dwell in quiet homes among few friends, to exercise a noiseless influence. - Author: Elizabeth Missing Sewell
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#43. I think every woman has this point in her life where she's like, 'I have a great job, great outfits and great friends, but something's missing.' - Author: Tracy McMillan
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#44. I think the reason I don't read is because, when I'm reading, I feel like I'm missing out on something else. You know, What are my friends doing? Where's my girlfriend? - Author: Adam Sandler
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#45. Statistic: the us bureau of missing persons reports
that in 1968 over 100,000 people disappeared
leaving no solid clues
nor traceonly
a space
in the lives of their friends. - Author: Ishmael Reed
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#46. A lot of my friends have been collectors, and I owe a lot to them. I'm always interested in sharing collections and learning that way. I used to trade tapes a lot. I still have a few friends who I trade music with, but it's hard to find the time. I miss that. - Author: Michael Dumontier
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#47. I had managers approaching me in high school asking me if I wanted to act professionally, but to me, having to miss school to do that meant missing time with my friends, which was completely unacceptable. - Author: Chris Lowell
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