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#1. Although I miss my family and friends when I'm away from Amsterdam, I've never had that feeling of missing a city like I have with New Orleans. Especially for the music. - Author: Michiel Huisman
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#2. When most artists walk offstage, they go to a lonely hotel room. I went home to my family. They were there before the show, during and after. It's been great. I never would have done it any other way. I wasn't gonna miss raising my kids. There was no way that was gonna happen. - Author: Gloria Estefan
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#3. The saddest thing is there won't be anyone to miss us when we're gone. No family, no friends, no one waiting at home."
"It's better that way," I said. "It'll be easier for me, knowing my death doesn't add to anyone's pain."
"If you can't give anyone pain, then you can't give them joy either. - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#4. I loved them too and while you might lay a greater claim to them, I defy you to miss your wife any more than I'll miss my best friend or your child, who was every inch a son to me. - Author: Fiona McIntosh
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#5. Not everybody who marries in the church and has a family the old-fashioned way is unhappy." "No, but some are. And even if it's just hit-and-miss . . . even if anybody can fall through the cracks, it's still not what I thought I was buying into at all. It still all feels like it makes no sense. - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
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#6. As a comedian, especially one that works as much as I do, there is a lot of sacrifice. People don't see that I'm away from my family 46 weeks out of the year. I miss all the birthdays and anniversaries and holidays. - Author: Gabriel Iglesias
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#7. I'm the only one in my family who is deaf, and there are still conversations that go around me that I miss out on. And I ask what's going on, and I have to ask to be included. But I'm not going to be sad about it. I don't live in sad isolation. It's just a situation I'm used to. - Author: Marlee Matlin
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#8. I do go back to Brazil once a year. I miss my family. - Author: Francisco Costa
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#9. Because I miss them. Because I need them. Because I love them. - Author: Rebecca Wells
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#10. It gets lonely. I miss my family on stage. This might change one day. I'm certainly not going to say I'm not going to work with them again. - Author: El DeBarge
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#11. The one [thing about Amish life] that I'm always going to miss is the closeness that I've had with my family. I still talk to them, but I'm an outsider. - Author: Kate Stoltzfus
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#12. I miss the cast and crew of 'Supernatural' immensely. I know it's a cliche to say your cast and crew are like your family, but it's really the case there. - Author: Jim Beaver
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#13. The first time you see your grown-up little miss looking back at you from a sea of white chiffon or beaded satin glory, indeed your heart will skip a beat. You'll find yourself blinking back tears. That elusive someday has suddenly become now. Your little girl - your jewel - is going to be a bride. - Author: Cheryl Barker
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#14. I definitely miss New Zealand. Mainly friends and family. - Author: Bret McKenzie
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#15. Your Letters concerning Miss N. have given me as much Concern as they ought-not knowing the Character nor what to advise, but feeling all a Fathers Tenderness, longing to be at home that I might enquire and consider and take the Care I ought. - Author: John Adams
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#16. I miss the days of burning your kind at the stake. For generations we have settled for financial ruin and ostracization of your whorish ancestors - but know this, I will personally gut you and put your head on a pike in my parlor. - Author: Heather McVea
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#17. I'm really going to miss all the people in the front office, media relations, marketing, all the great people at the ball park. They were my family for a while, and that part really stings. But life does go on. - Author: Mike Quade
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#18. What I miss most about Mexico isn't the food or the customs; it's my family and the way we'd all sit around chatting together. - Author: Javier Hernandez
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#19. I miss all of my old friends who have passed away. Sometimes you just don't understand why they were taken so soon. I loved and miss Johnny Cash. I miss my old buddy Johnny Paycheck, who happens to be buried in an area of the cemetery that I bought for my family. - Author: George Jones
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#20. There's a lot I've missed about living in Ireland. You miss family, particularly when you've got kids. - Author: Deirdre O'Kane
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#21. You won't know how much you'll miss someone until they're gone. Go give them a big hug while you have the chance. - Author: Kevin Focke
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#22. And I used to assemble the family to hear because I thought that they were so good that even from the point of view of enjoyment people shouldn't miss them, and I got every word of his that I could, and I could see by hard argument there was only the one way for it. - Author: Ruth Pitter
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#23. This airline is grateful for his extensive contributions and we will miss his friendship and support. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Casey family on its personal loss. - Author: Gerard Arpey
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#24. It definitely puts a strain on family life - I miss them like mad. Being a working mother I've been juggling house and career from day one. I want to hold out for telly for the second half of the year. - Author: Louise Jameson
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#25. I think the thing I miss most in our age is our manners. It sounds so old-fashioned in a way. But even bad people had good manners in the old days, and manners hold a community together, and manners hold a family together; in a way, they hold the world together. - Author: Nancy Friday
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#26. If we stop to ponder the paths of our feet, would we:

Allow our children to participate in sports or activities that will ultimately consume our family time, dictate our schedules, and cause us to miss church on a regular basis? - Author: Lori Hatcher
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#27. I'm homesick all the time. I miss my animals. I miss my family. I miss my friends. - Author: Brittany Howard
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#28. I didn't miss out on a family life because of racing. I had one because of it. - Author: Richard Petty
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#29. Absolutely the worst thing about this job is the travel and being away from family. I have a wife and three wonderful children, the kids are all active in sports and it's very difficult to up and leave and miss them growing up. - Author: Roy Clark
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#30. It's with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can't relocate. I have two babies under 4. being a mother and wife comes first and I just can not uproot my children and separate the family by moving away. I will miss this job desperately and wish everyone the absolute best. - Author: Alyssa Milano
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#31. It is the act of reading itself that I miss, the opportunity to retreat further and further from the world until I have found some space, some air that isn't stale, that hasn't been breathed by my family a thousand times already. - Author: Nick Hornby
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#32. Also, I would cry at the words 'I miss you' after I left my family - Author: Jessica Jung
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#33. It was a wonderful experience to play in the NFL, and I have no regrets. I truly will miss playing for the Lions. I consider the Lions' players, coaches, staff, management and fans my family. I leave on good terms with everyone in the organization. - Author: Barry Sanders
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#34. That's one of the things my family miss most when I'm travelling - my Sunday roasts and my Japanese meals. - Author: Jade Jagger
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#35. Families break up when they get hints you don't intend and miss hints that you do. - Author: Robert Frost
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#36. I enjoyed the crew. The best part about 'The X-Files' has been the crew. This crew is an exceptional family and to go to work with a bunch of people that you really like is great. They're all the best of the best and they really try to do the best job they can. I'll miss that. - Author: Robert Patrick
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#37. I miss the banter with friends and family, which more often than not takes place within the confines of a decent public house. So I miss the pubs. - Author: Chris Vance
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#38. I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#39. Frankly, it's depressing, each night sleeping in someone else's home. I miss having a roof to my name. Our situation isn't an 'All in the Family' cliche, but it's still easy to see reality in plain terms: I live with my in-laws, and I can't say when that will change. - Author: Rosecrans Baldwin
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#40. Very strange things comes to our knowledge in families, miss; bless your heart, what you would think to be phenomenons, quite ... Aye, and even in gen-teel families, in high families, in great families ... and you have no idea ... what games goes on! - Author: Charles Dickens
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