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#1. A process of reason is a process of constant choice in answer to the question: True or False? - Right or Wrong? - Author: Ayn Rand
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#2. It is quite easy to fall under the spell of assumptions. - Author: Steven Redhead
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#3. When we deliberate it is about means and not ends. - Author: Aristotle.
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#4. I will sing of Your greatness no matter where I am. 10For Your amazing mercy ascends far into the heavens; Your truth rises above the clouds. - Author: Anonymous
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#5. I always had the feeling that no one understood me anyway, that no one knew who I was and what made me do this or that. And you know, when no one understands you, then no one can call you to account. - Author: Bernhard Schlink
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#6. It is with trifles, and when he is off guard, that a man best reveals his character. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#7. Clubs don't like their players going off to play international matches and you can see a scenario where they eventually start to make it more difficult for international sides to call up players. - Author: Michael Owen
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#8. The leader is the one individual within the organization that is never, ever totally disconnected from those he leads - and the leader who complains about that is not qualified to lead. - Author: R. Albert Mohler Jr.
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#9. The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#10. It is smarter to borrow from nature than to reinvent the wheels. - Author: Philip Emeagwali
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