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Top 12 Mirthfulness Quotes

#1. My advice to photographers is to get out there in the field and take photographs but also if they are students to finish their course, learn as many languages as possible, go to movies, read books visit museums, broaden your mind. - Author: Martine Franck
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#2. I further promise you, that all my wealth and property will be in Pakistan. I will take ownership of this country and won't be like those leaders who create hideouts abroad - Author: Imran Khan
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#3. Be not miserable about what may happen tomorrow. The same everlasting Father, who cares for you today, will care for you tomorrow. - Author: Saint Francis De Sales
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#4. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for.
The damned thing in the cave that was so dreaded has become the center. - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#5. Do you tend to focus more on what you can control or what you can't control? - Author: Anthony Robbins
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#6. I used to work for a newspaper that covered local resource issues, and my coworkers and friends were journalists. Their reporting work was always pretty grim. - Author: Paolo Bacigalupi
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#7. We will not let the price of peace be greater than the price of war, we will firmly safeguard the achievements of the past 13 years under former President Karzai. - Author: Ashraf Ghani
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#8. The life we live is just a colourful and deposit toy.
Some of us take it so seriously and fight and cry for it.
Some of us break and throw it.
Either we give extreme importance, either not enough.
Better to stay far from extremes. - Author: Shams Tabrizi
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#9. The sages may have been self-serving, like the rest of us, but that doesn't mean they weren't sages. - Author: Robert Wright
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#10. Now is the moment when we can stand up and say, 'I'm an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better! My children deserve better! My family deserves better. My country deserves better!' So here we stand. Americans have a choice. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#11. I want you, here, with me, before I close my eyes." "That you have," Mac said. - Author: Kaje Harper
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#12. Know your power. - Author: Jordan Knight
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