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Top 100 Millennia's Quotes

#1. An automatic system," he said and gave a small sigh. "Ancient computers ranged in the bowels of the planet tick away the dark millennia, and the ages hang heavy on their dusty data banks. I think they take the occasional potshot to relieve the monotony. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#2. Human beings have survived for millennia because most of us make good decisions about our health most of the time. - Author: Andrew Weil
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#3. [...] it would have been an affront to all good souls who had worked for a better world over the millennia not to engineer a system for preserving finer thoughts after the millennium arrived and all ideologies died and people became animals once more. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#4. Every artist joins a conversation that's been going on for generations, even millennia, before he or she joins the scene. - Author: John Barth
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#5. Man himself is a mysterious object, and the tools to probe his physiologic nature and function have developed only slowly through the millennia. - Author: Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
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#6. Under Hitler it was the entrepreneurial and professional classes who were the first victims of Nazi boycotts and exclusion. Today it is Israel, the most powerful symbol of Jewish national resurgence in two millennia. - Author: Jack Schwartz
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#7. Read a certain way, the Natural History is preposterous, full of erroneous assumptions and cast-off mythology. Read another way, it is a window into Roman understanding two millennia ago. Read another way, it is a tribute to wonder itself - Author: Anthony Doerr
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#8. Primitives of our own species, even today are historically shallow in their knowledge of the past. Only the poet who writes speaks his message across the millennia to other hearts. - Author: Loren Eiseley
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#9. The handful of millennia separating the Agricultural Revolution from the appearance of cities, kingdoms and empires was not enough time to allow an instinct for mass cooperation to evolve. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
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#10. All women have a perception much more developed than men. So all women somehow, being repressed for so many millennia, they ended up by developing this sixth sense and contemplation and love. And this is something that we have a hard time to accept as part of our society. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#11. You merely pass the time, making millennia fly by. - Author: Erica Jong
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#12. Women are better at acting then men. Why? Because we have to be. If successfully convincing someone bigger than you are of something he doesn't want to know is a survival skill, this is how women have survived through the millennia. - Author: Meryl Streep
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#13. I am not times fool, nor a god hardened by the millennia; I am not the trickster in the black cape nor the sorrowful wanderer. I have a conscience. I know right from wrong I know what I do and yes, I do it. I am the Vampire Lestat. That's your answer do with it as you will. - Author: Anne Rice
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#14. We seem wired to grieve with greenery. Allowing the dead to dissolve into the earth, to become part of the cycle of the seasons, has, for millennia, held the promise of cheating mortality. - Author: Simon Schama
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#15. Over all the millennia, only you have ever loved me, Thor. Only you have ever looked at me with affection in place of condescension. Why, then, am I killing you, and not the others? Because you stopped. - Author: Robert Rodi
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#16. For millennia mankind has believed that nothing can come out of nothing. Today we can argue that everything has come out of nothing. Nobody has to pay for the universe. It is the ultimate free lunch. - Author: Paul Davies
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#17. I understand that you take the Bible, as written in English, translated many many times over the last three millennia as to be a more accurate, more reasonable assessment of the natural laws we see around us than what I and everybody in here can observe. That, to me, is unsettling. - Author: Bill Nye
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#18. With the emergence of civilization, the rate of change shifted from hundreds of thousands of years to millennia. With the emergence of science as a way of knowing the universe, the rate of change shifted to centuries. - Author: William Irwin Thompson
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#19. Lofty questions about the mind are fascinating to ask, philosophers have been asking them for three millennia both in India where I am from and here in the West - but it is only in the brain that we can eventually hope to find the answers. - Author: Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
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#20. But nobody in one lifetime could read more than a fragment of what was here, this broken labyrinth of words, this shattered, interrupted story of a people and a world through the centuries, the millennia. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#21. The best therapy for emotional blocks to math is the realization that the human race took centuries or millennia to see through the mist of difficulties and paradoxes which instructors now invite us to solve in a few minutes. - Author: Lancelot Hogben
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#22. I asked if I could touch you and kiss you, and ye agreed. Have ye changed yer mind?"
"No." Her heart thundered in her ears. "But ye're moving so fast."
"Sweetheart, I doona count time in millennia like you. I'd like to get started. In this century. - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
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#23. I can't measure up to Homer. His composition has survived for nearly three millennia and remains the world's most beautiful and mournful depiction of war. But the story of the Trojan War does not belong to Homer. The characters he employs were legendary long before he was born. - Author: David Benioff
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#24. The family is one of the greatest traps that society has used for millennia to keep man a slave - Author: Osho
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#25. Oh, adjust yourself. You people have spent ten millennia playing at soldiers while becoming ever more dedicated civilians. We've spent the last thousand years trying hard to stay civilian while refining the legacy of a won galactic war. - Author: Iain M. Banks
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#26. Millennia ago, some genius discovered that such wiggles as fish and
rabbits could be caught in nets. Much later, some other genius thought
of catching the world in a net. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#27. I am convinced that the act of thinking logically cannot possibly be natural to the human mind. If it were, then mathematics would be everybody's easiest course at school and our species would not have taken several millennia to figure out the scientific method. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#28. The religion that has transformed Western civilization for two millennia is a blank slate for liberals. Their closest reference point is conservative Christians, meaning people you're not supposed to hire. And these are the people who carp about George Bush's alleged lack of intellectual curiosity. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#29. There has been only one war fought literally worldwide, affecting every living thing, and that has been men's all-out, non-stop, millennia-long war against women, a war that not only continues to this moment without the slightest abatement but intensifies hourly. - Author: Sonia Johnson
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#30. The feminine aspect has been crushed for millennia in most cultures. I believe the future lies in a balance of the male/female duality - Author: Robert S. Jepson Jr.
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#31. When you find things that are tried and true for millennia, you can bet that it's going to happen tomorrow. - Author: Will Smith
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#32. Haven't seen Imhotep in millennia. I wonder what he's up to. Perhaps I should Google him - - Author: Rick Riordan
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#33. Great quotation collections glean the millennia, distill essences, and battle for bragging rights about who's bigger, who's smarter, who's best. Who-knows-who-said-what has a market, a history, and a hall of fame. - Author: Willis Regier
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#34. It could have been a second, an hour, a year, a hundred millennia; all were correct. The first thing I saw when my wits returned was the utter shock in Sethian's eyes. It had been my thought that the experience was the elf's doing. His expression was telling me I couldn't have been more wrong. - Author: Cristina Rayne
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#35. Light is everything in the world to men's eyes Light thirsts after light yes, the soul, twin to the stars moves through space to find, be made eternal by light and grasp, trembling, the sun a torch handed on from runner to runner through the millennia. - Author: Gunvor Hofmo
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#36. A university is not about results in the next quarter; it is not even about who a student has become by graduation. It is about learning that molds a lifetime, learning that transmits the heritage of millennia; learning that shapes the future - Author: Drew Gilpin Faust
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#37. It's easy to forget that for centuries - for millennia - the 'workforce' was all of us. - Author: Peter Diamandis
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#38. If we look to the saints, this great luminous wake with which God has passed through history, we truly see that here is a force for good that survives through millennia; here is truly light from light. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#39. We have seen in this chapter how, in less than half a century, man's view of the universe, formed over millennia, has been transformed. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#40. Beyond speech and mind,
Into the river of ever-effulgent Light
My heart dives.
Today thousands of doors, closed for millennia,
Are opened wide. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
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#41. Our species in general had grown accustomed to pain and adversity through millennia of struggle ... we were only recently evolving the ability to let ourselves feel good and have things go well for any significant period of time. - Author: Gay Hendricks
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#42. Mortals are odd creatures in that sense - flawed yet hopeful. One can study them through millennia and still get nowhere near full understanding of their nature. - Author: Hayden Thorne
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#43. We view the world very much as peasants in the countryside have for millennia. they've alsways said that the mountains are high and the emperor is far away, meaning palace intrigues and imperial threats have no impact on their lives. - Author: Lisa See
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#44. The idea of the universe as an interconnected whole is not new; for millennia it's been one of the core assumptions of Eastern philosophies. What is new is that Western science is slowly beginning to realize that some elements of that ancient lore might be correct. - Author: Dean Radin
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#45. The fact that we can't easily foresee clues that would betray an intelligence a million millennia farther down the road suggests that we're like ants trying to discover humans. Ask yourself: Would ants ever recognize houses, cars, or fire hydrants as the work of advanced biology? - Author: Seth Shostak
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#46. We've spent the last few millennia aware that senescence is horrible but knowing nevertheless that it's inevitable. We've had to find some mechanism to put it out of our minds so we can get on with our miserably short lives. - Author: Aubrey De Grey
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#47. Human civilization has been changing the Earth's environment for millennia, often to our detriment. Dams, deforestation and urbanization can alter water cycles and wind patterns, occasionally triggering droughts or even creating deserts. - Author: Jamais Cascio
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#48. I walk into a huge pasture. I nurse the milk of millennia. - Author: Rumi
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#49. I have not lived for millennia to be bested by a half-blood whore and her puppet prince." ~ Valenti - Author: Pippa DaCosta
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#50. That would be such a life-changing thing, for us all to know that there are other beings out there who we could potentially communicate with, or maybe we are listening to a signal that they transmitted hundreds of millennia ago. - Author: Paul Allen
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#51. She had grown up in a time of monsters, and it was fear and cowardice that had kept her alive through the millennia. - Author: Michael Scott
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#52. Several millennia ago, the words were written that a man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. It was not our idea; it was God's idea. - Author: Mike Pence
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#53. As mysterious as it seems, our prayers have the power to live after us. Spanning years, sometimes centuries, even millennia. Reaching across time to take the broken pieces of a person's life and gently place them into what can only be described as a divine work. - Author: Ken Gire
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#54. Immortality is not as much of a gift as mortals would believe. It can breed monsters that even you would be sick to learn about. Imagine the sadists you've encountered - and then imagine them with millennia to hone their craft and warped desires. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#55. If Relativity Theory kills our deepest convictions, why not start by finding out why we believed in them for millennia? - Author: Felix Alba-Juez
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#56. The fact is fossil fuel carbon will stay in the surface climate system for millennia. - Author: James Hansen
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#57. To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching. - Author: Warren E. Burger
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#58. The geology of Staten Island is the most complex of the city's boroughs, containing the terminal moraine of the last ice age, a fault line from 470 million years ago, the southern tail of the Palisades formation, and sediments collected over the millennia. - Author: Sergey Kadinsky
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#59. All that philosophers have handled for millennia has been conceptual mummies; nothing actual has ever escaped from their hands alive. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#60. If all women were as frail as men seem to believe, the human race would have died out millennia ago. - Author: Michelle Cooper
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#61. I had rather that the human race, having a certain quality in their lives, should continue for only a few centuries than that, losing freedom, friendship, dignity, and mercy, and learning to be quite content without them, they should continue for millions of millennia. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#62. The claim that the only constraints on our success are the limits of our imagination, although generally false, has lifted hearts for millennia. Grand visions take precedence over prosaic numbers. - Author: John Kay
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#63. This knotted dilemma lies at the center of women's development. How can girls both enter and stay outside of, be educated in and then try to change, what for millennia has been a man's world? - Author: Carol Gilligan
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#64. By means of the simple folk remedy of ascribing to feeling what is the millennia-long labor of reason and of its understanding, all are spared the bother of rational insight and knowledge. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#65. Human beings ate well and kept themselves healthy for millennia before nutritional science came along to tell us how to do it; it is entirely possible to eat healthily without knowing what an anti-oxidant is. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#66. China's use of 'night soil,' as the Chinese rightly call a manure that is collected after dark, is probably the reason that its soils are still healthy after four millennia of intensive agriculture, while other great civilizations - the Maya, for one - floundered when their soils turned to dust. - Author: Rose George
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#67. In terms of organisational models and human relationship models, humankind has not evolved much over the last millennia. - Author: Miguel Reynolds Brandao
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#68. Despite two millennia of Christian apologetics, the fact is that belief in a dying and rising messiah simply did not exist in Judaism. - Author: Reza Aslan
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#69. And though the blood of Abel had once cried out from the Earth, we had come now to a time when so much blood had been spilled over the millennia that the throat of the Earth was clotted and choked, and fresh blood could not raise a voice from it. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#70. Let me tell you, people go on and on about what a great idea electricity was, but I'm going to put toilet paper right next to the wheel and say those are the best ideas anyone's ever had. Scoff at it if you will, but try living for two millennia without it and then we'll talk. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#71. When your elders are millennia-old demigods, you'd best take the injunction to respect your elders seriously. - Author: Nalo Hopkinson
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#72. I'm not an advocate for everything that rolls out of the laboratory. I'm an advocate for things sanctioned by millennia of usage. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#73. The roots of India's soft power run deep. India's is a civilization that, over millennia, has offered refuge and, more importantly, religious and cultural freedom, to Jews, Parsis, several varieties of Christians, and Muslims. - Author: Shashi Tharoor
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#74. As best as can be determined, the world is now warmer than it has been at any point in the last two millennia, and, if current trends continue, by the end of the century it will likely be hotter than at any point in the last two million years. - Author: Elizabeth Kolbert
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#75. It goes against the grain for me to do what so often happens, to speak inhumanly about the great as if a few millennia were an immense distance. I prefer to speak humanly about it, as if it happened yesterday, and let only the greatness itself be the distance. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#76. Why did it take so long for a Darwin to arrive on the scene? What delayed humanity's tumbling to that luminously simple idea which seems, on the face of it, so much easier to grasp than the mathematical ideas given us by Newton two centuries earlier - or, indeed, by Archimedes two millennia earlier? - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#77. Homosexual behavior has been exploited, and reveled in, and celebrated in art, for millennia. - Author: John Piper
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#78. The enormously diverse culture where people can agree and disagree is just amazing, and to learn about the events that took place here over millennia has been fantastic. It's a trip I'll never forget. - Author: Miguel Ferrer
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#79. I have outlived the stillborn. I have outlasted my usefulness. I have become an abysmal ocean sponge, ten millennia old, and just as wise. - Author: Logan Ryan Smith
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#80. We are fascinated with our own history, and we are fascinated with the Romans because they were millennia ago, and yet they still capture our imagination because they were actually so similar to us. They were very civilized. They had a very similar political system. - Author: Kit Harington
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#81. It is in this space of mastery over paradigms that people throw off addictions, live in constant joy, bring down empires, get locked up or burned at the stake or crucified or shot, and have impacts that last for millennia. - Author: Donella Meadows
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#82. The decline of violence is a fractal phenomenon. You can see it over millennia, over centuries, over decades and over years. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#83. Creeds and causal systems have argued with each other for millennia, and even so we and our ancestors have managed to live in a world of differing opinions. Philosophical disputes don't often affect the price of fish or wine. - Author: Elizabeth Janeway
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#84. How many millennia had she witnessed? Watching people, loved ons, be bron, live, grow and die was at once a thought of wonder and infinite sadness. - Author: G.R. Matthews
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#85. What strikes the historian surveying anti-Semitism worldwide over more than two millennia is its fundamental irrationality. It seems to make no sense, any more than malaria or meningitis makes sense. - Author: Paul Johnson
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#86. Warmaking doesn't stop warmaking. If it did, our problems would have stopped millennia ago. - Author: Colman McCarthy
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#87. Life, after we'd had a few millennia to observe it, turned out to be dreadfully unfair, so we invented sports. - Author: Barbara Holland
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#88. Result-oriented, low-tech, low-cost, shamanic medicine, uses natural elements, spirit, and the healing power of a caring community, as practiced by indigenous societies for millennia. - Author: Itzhak Beery
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#89. Any minority's right to be different must be respected, but the right of the majority must not be questioned. Without the values at the core of Christianity and other world religions, without moral norms that have been shaped over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#90. The well-being of the biosphere is measured over millennia of history and necessitates a human consciousness that can reflect and project along a similar time table. - Author: Jeremy Rifkin
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#91. Food made by hand is an act of defiance and runs contrary to everything in our modernity. Find it; eat it; it will go. It has been around for millennia. Now it is evanescent, like a season. - Author: Bill Buford
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#92. Millennia of servitude, Abhorsen. Chained by trickery, treachery ... captivenin a repulsive, fixed-flesh shape ... but there will be payment, slow payment - not quick, not quick at all! - Author: Garth Nix
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#93. Acquiring new knowledge has been crucial for survival over the millennia. - Author: Eraldo Banovac
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#94. Realizing the ways in which we humans may have been inadvertently changing our genes for millennia provides a way for us to begin to think about the inevitable genetic revolution in medicine that is going to allow us to advertently change our genes over centuries and even decades. - Author: Nicholas A. Christakis
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#95. The deity who stalked the deserts of the Middle East millennia ago-and who seems to have abandoned them to bloodshed in his name ever since-is no one to consult on questions of ethics. - Author: Sam Harris
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#96. You frighten me, when you say there isn't time."
"I don't see why. Christians have been expecting the imminent end of the world for millennia."
"But it keeps not ending."
"So far, so good. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#97. Far from being the crown of human thought and religion as its supporters have claimed for several bloody millennia, [monotheism] is in fact a monstrous step backwards
a step that has been responsible for more human misery than any other idea in known history. - Author: Isaac Bonewits
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#98. THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH IS THE FIRST BEAUTY. MILLIONS OF years before us the earth lived in wild elegance. Landscape is the first-born of creation. Sculpted with huge patience over millennia, landscape has enormous diversity of shape, presence and memory. - Author: John O'Donohue
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#99. Immortality gets very, very boring. You'd be surprised at how interesting the small mundanities of life can seem after a few millennia. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
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on her best days, she glimpses the limitless span of millennia behind her: millions of years, tens of millions. - Author: Anthony Doerr
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