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#1. It was raining that day. My last day at work. - Author: Samantha Shannon
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#2. It took me a long time to square with the fact that none of my experiences are typical - I'm not a typical American, but I'm also not a typical Muslim. - Author: G. Willow Wilson
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#3. You clutch your comfortable excuses, saying, Someday I'll be brave, it won't take a lot, just give me one more chance and this time I'll grab it. - Author: James Alan Gardner
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#4. I picked at one of the buttons on my vest until the thread unraveled and it fell into my palm. Memo to self- buy a sewing kit to stitch my life back together. - Author: Anita Higman
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#5. The moment we begin tolerating meanness, in ourselves and others, we are using our authorial power in the service of wrongdoing. We have both the capacity and the obligation to do better. - Author: Martha Beck
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#6. She could find no purchase on the older woman's marble-smooth countenance. There were no cracks to give her a view into her soul. - Author: Frances Hardinge
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#7. Each individual has to know himself. He has to know himself as the infinite, eternal and immortal Consciousness. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
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#8. Artists, as a rule, understand nothing about business, or, for some reason or other, they aren't allowed to understand anything about it. - Author: Robert Walser
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#9. I wore one of my Tanguy earrings and one made by Calder in order to show my impartiality between Surrealist and Abstract Art. - Author: Peggy Guggenheim
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#10. For we can affirm with a good conscience that we have, after reading the Holy Scripture, applied ourselves and yet daily apply ourselves to the extent that the grace of the Lord permits to inquiry into and investigation of the consensus of the true and purer antiquity. - Author: Martin Chemnitz
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