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Top 20 Miles Can't Separate Quotes

#1. I may juggle the composition, as the strength of a picture is in the composition. Or I may play with the light. But I never interfere with the subject. The subject has to fall into place on its own and, if I don't like it, I don't have to print it - Author: George Rodger
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#2. Can miles truly separate us from friends? If you want to be with Rae, aren't you already there? - Author: Richard Bach
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#3. I am learning to live close to the lives of my friends without ever seeing them. No miles of any measurement can separate your soul from mine. - Author: John Muir
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#4. Love is a longing for giving and receiving. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#5. Can miles truly separate you from friends ... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there? - Author: Richard Bach
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#6. This is the second Simply Red song on this tape. One's unforgivable. Two's a war crime. Can I fast-forward? - Author: Nick Hornby
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#7. I don't care if you're so poor you live in a cardboard box, if you fail to graduate high school, or if thousands of miles try to separate us. I'll always love you just as much as i do now. - Author: Samantha Gudger
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#8. Never trust a man who thinks his religion gives him all the answers. - Author: Charles Stross
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#9. In my dream, the angel shrugged and said, if we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination
and then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand. - Author: Brian Andreas
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#10. And though they may be miles apart and indeed have never met, yet they have never been separate, because they are lovers to the beginning and the end, appointed to each other by God's prosperous love. - Author: A.A. Attanasio
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#11. we ought not confuse our concepts with reality or even with the best way of thinking about the worlds in which we live, which themselves cocreate us. - Author: Whitney A Bauman
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#12. It is specially characteristic of the German that the more servile he on the one hand is, the more uncontrolled is he on the other; restraint and want of restraint - originality, is the angel of darkness that buffets us. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#13. There is the great creative part of it. The writing is the best part. - Author: Cynthia Weil
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#14. I'm happier than I've ever been in life. Happy with my life outside of racing. Really happy with my life inside the garage. - Author: Matt Kenseth
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#15. The petitioner may have a constitutional right to talk politics, but he has no constitutional right to be a policeman. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
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#16. Wolverine was created in the '60s, but he feels like a '70s character in every way. More Dirty Harry, more politically incorrect, the hair, the mutton chops. - Author: Hugh Jackman
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#17. What are the odds that two separate writers, strangers, a thousand miles apart, would each invent fictions in which guys take girls to an esoteric frog lecture on their first date? If that isn't synchronicity, it's something equally as weird. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#18. A pang shot through her as she realized how absolutely she trusted the tabby warrior to guard them while they retreated. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#19. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he is going to run for governor on our program last night. My staff didn't know, Arnold's staff didn't know, I was shocked as everyone else. If he doesn't get elected governor, maybe he should work for the CIA. I mean, he can keep a secret better than they can. - Author: Jay Leno
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#20. Some memories were all right, but others were dangerous. - Author: Stephen King
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