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#1. When George first told me about the title, I wasn't so sure he was serious," Burtt says. "It seemed like such an extreme-sounding pulp title. But that's what we were making: a big version of those old serials, with names like 'Fate Takes the Wheel' or 'The Crimson Ghost Strikes Out.' - Author: J.W. Rinzler
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#2. The difference between champions and everyone else is that champions are never afraid of losing, while everyone else is afraid of winning. - Author: Jeffrey Fry
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#3. Above,the fair hall-ceiling stately set Many an arch high up did lift,And angels rising and descending met With interchange of gift. - Author: Alfred Tennyson
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#4. We were sharing a rare point in time, contemplative, and the moment was made complete by his vintage sunglasses, bringing the night indoors. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#5. Be scrupulously truthful, even if the truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#6. It's amazing to me that, in the 42 years since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law, women today still receive fewer wages than men for the same work. - Author: Mike Honda
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#7. The Constitution is never tested during times of tranquility; it is during times of tension, turmoil, tragedy, trauma, and terrorism that it is sorely tested. - Author: Mike Honda
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#8. The Patriot Act addresses various subjects. Some sections are beneficial and enhance our national security. - Author: Mike Honda
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#9. I've always loved comic books, which is why I've done films like 'Hulk' and 'The Punishers.' - Author: Gale Anne Hurd
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#10. My own family and thousands of other Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. It took our nation over 40 years to apologize. - Author: Mike Honda
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#11. My own mother always taught me that fairness was a family value - I think equal pay is about fairness for everyone. - Author: Mike Honda
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#12. Equal pay isn't just a women's issue; when women get equal pay, their family incomes rise and the whole family benefits. - Author: Mike Honda
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#13. You're like a monster, dude'", he says, light amusement coloring his strained voice. "'From a monster movie. The man who would not fucking quit - Author: Ben H. Winters
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#14. Honda opened its first assembly line in Lincoln in November 2001. - Author: Mike Rogers
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#15. Gentlemen are overestimated, that is my experience. - Author: Christina Stead
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#16. Happiness comes in many forms. Whether through a passion for something or someone, it makes no difference. The results are the same: you live. - Author: Megan Duke
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