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#1. What emerges from the silence is the deafening sound of an old world disintegrating.

Marianne Williamson

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#2. Every role I've played, that could've happened. It's nice, it happens, but it is rather disconcerting when a young child comes up to at the airport and starts doing your lines, it happens.

Michael York

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#3. Play it cool, that's the old school rule man ...


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#4. One of the characteristics of North American culture is that you can always start again. You can always move forward, cross a border of a state or a city or a county, and move West, most of the time West. You leave behind guilt, past traditions, memories.

Isabel Allende

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#5. Masculinity is the glad assumption of sacrificial responsibility.

Douglas Wilson

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#6. I love smart commercial fiction. Susan Isaacs, for example and the readers who interest me are, in the preponderance, women. I am one of them; I like the books they like.

Beth Gutcheon

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