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Top 12 Middlesex Eugenides Quotes

#1. I have this old worn-out, skintight T-shirt that I love. That's sexy. - Author: Liz Vassey
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#2. In Detroit, in July of 1967, what happened was no less than a guerrilla uprising.
The Second American Revolution. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#3. Take the talents of wisdom and integrity. Without Christ, wisdom is double foolishness and integrity double sin, because they not only fail to perceive the wisdom and righteousness of Christ, but hinder and blaspheme the salvation of Christ. - Author: Martin Luther
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#4. 'Middlesex' by Jeffrey Eugenides left me both moved and, at times, laughing out loud in delight. - Author: Kim Edwards
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#5. But hoping you never saw someone again is a damn sight different from wishing them dead. - Author: Rob Thurman
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#6. Jacques Derrida is a very important thinker and philosopher who has made serious contributions to both philosophy and literary criticism. Roland Barthes is the one I feel most affinity for, and Michel Foucault, well, his writing influenced my novel, 'Middlesex.' - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#7. You never come closer to owning the whole world than when you wake up before everyone else. There - Author: Asa Larsson
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#8. Let me tell you something. Do you know why those Turkish girls cover their faces? You think it's because of religion? No. It's because otherwise no one can stand to look at them! - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#9. After all the screaming in our house, there reigned, that winter on Middlesex, only silence. A silence so profound that, like the left foot of the President's secretary, it erased portions of the official record. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#10. There's a lot of smoke being blown at you, but this is no new sport to me; I've been doing it a long time, I'm used to it and I see it coming immediately the minute it gets into our realm. - Author: Peter Criss
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#11. Sometimes you have to let things go. Sometimes you have to stop caring for a minute. - Author: Trina Etmanskie
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#12. A moment of panic washed over her. There was so little time, it might even now be too late to shape them. Look at her own daughters. Keffria, who only wanted someone to tell her what to do, and Althea, who only desired that she do her own will always."
p. 429 - Author: Robin Hobb
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