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#1. There's one thing I want you to do for me."
"Anything." He pleaded.
"When you're all alone, sitting in the silence behind bars, separated from your freedom. Ask yourself. Was it worth it?" She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. - Author: Michelle Umland
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#2. Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it. - Author: K.Michelle
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#3. I think my parents knew before I did that I was going to be an actress, because I was doing impressions of Margaret Thatcher at the age of four. - Author: Michelle Dockery
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#4. Hope is often bitter, but it drives us, and we cling. - Author: Michelle Sagara West
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#5. Angry Leontine Sergeant, angry Aerian Commander in Chief, slightly bored Dragon, and panicked human - you could practically call it a racial congress, with humans in their usual position. - Author: Michelle Sagara
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#6. I'm one of the few that comes from this vantage point: I never tried to get a record deal. - Author: Michelle Shocked
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#7. Don't trust everyone, especially if they say, 'Trust me.' - Author: Michelle Phan
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#8. The nature of the criminal justice system has changed. It is no longer primarily concerned with the prevention and punishment of crime, but rather with the management and control of the dispossessed. - Author: Michelle Alexander
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#9. Every single person in the world has something good about them. You just have to look inside of yourself and focus on it. - Author: Michelle McCool
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#10. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?"
Michelle said dryly.
"That the boy most likely to become the next Unabomber has a crush on you? - Author: Carla Cassidy
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#11. If I explained everything maybe he would understand. I needed to be understood. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#12. Berlin is liberation. Architecture, man! - Author: Michelle Rodriguez
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#13. I'd rather be happy and odd than miserable and ordinary. - Author: Michelle Magorian
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#14. There is nothing I can give to the lost, except this:
I have a responsibility I need to fathom.
I have a sorrow I cannot weigh. - Author: Michelle Dicinoski
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#15. she didn't get the subtle nuances of female friendship that other women seemed to have been born knowing. She - Author: Michelle Major
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#16. I wish we could make out in your bed."
Noah sighed. "As do I, but I'm afraid we have ritual burning to conduct."
"It's always something."
"Isn't it though? - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#17. Why is it that whenever anyone says something offensive, they always add 'no offense' after it? - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#18. There was something fundamentally embarrassing about being a young woman ... [the] embarrassment of wanting to be more assured, more substantive, more whole, of moving to tap resources that simply weren't there. - Author: Michelle Orange
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#19. Some people have a gift for making you feel okay, just by the fact of their presence. - Author: Michelle Richmond
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#20. I have had only two men in four years while he appears every week on the newspapers with another woman. - Author: Michelle Hunziker
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#21. In a way, I think a part of you has to die in order to get through a thing like that. It's the only way a person can survive it. When - Author: Michelle Knight
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#22. I put myself into character for my songs. - Author: Michelle Branch
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#23. I experienced a lot of loss after his death. I lost my city because of all the paparazzi descending upon us. I actually lost my journal during that time, oddly enough. I literally couldn't hold on to anything. - Author: Michelle Williams
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#24. I'll love you to ruins. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#25. I wanted to express myself. I wanted to be creative and I didn't want to worry about someone bossing me around in the process. You have to struggle no matter where you are to get to where you're going, so I'm like, working it honey! - Author: Michelle Rodriguez
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#26. The kitchen is the most important place in any house. Visit your family, and that's where you'll end up. Go to a party, that's where everyone congregates. - Author: Michelle Dockery
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#27. Why do you always look like you just rolled out of bed?'
'Because usually I have.' And the way he raised his eye-brow at me made me blush.
'Classy,' I said. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#28. To have someone know you so thoroughly and not want you. Is there anything more painful? - Author: Michelle Tea
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#29. I don't see it, but I'm flattered nonetheless. To look like Michelle Pfeiffer is quite nice. - Author: Calista Flockhart
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#30. When I smell pho, I just automatically think of my mom. All these nostalgic feelings and memories come rushing through my head. - Author: Michelle Phan
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#31. In the Book of Benamii, we have all read that it's better for one person in power to die, if their rule is unjust, than an entire nation to forget the God who made them. - Author: Michelle Erickson
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#32. The years would not wait for Zealers and saviors, not for chance nor hope. The erratic line would scribble on until Nyra washed away from life itself, her youth stolen forever by the malediction that was wishing. - Author: Kelly Michelle Baker
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