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#1. Hart Hanson is one of the coolest, smartest producers I've ever worked for. He's very open to ideas, he says no when he should, he says yes when it would work for the show. - Author: Michaela Conlin
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#2. It didn't take much prompting for Cariocas who were sick of living with violence to advocate violence as a solution. - Author: Juliana Barbassa
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#3. Again and again, faith in a possible satisfaction of the human race breaks through at the very moments of most zealous discord because humankind will never be able to live and work without this consoling delusion of its ascent into morality, without this dream of final and ultimate accord. - Author: Stefan Zweig
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#4. I love 'Project Runway.' It's my favorite show! - Author: Michaela Conlin
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#5. I was trained on stage at NYU in New York City; I did a lot of theatre then. - Author: Michaela Conlin
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#6. Don't toy with things that block your light. - Author: Jalaluddin Rumi
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#7. I can be a little prickly when people make assumptions about women. - Author: Michael Pryor
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#8. Pilot season in L.A. is just this blood bath. They make so many pilots, and such a small percentage are picked up. And then if you are picked up, there are so many variables. You have to get a good time slot, and you have to get promoted. And then you have to thrive in that time slot. - Author: Michaela Conlin
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#9. Are you still upset I murdered our parents? - Tommy to Danny - Author: Patricia Lynne
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#10. A hero is a man who is afraid to run away. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#11. I never used to get homesick when I first moved to L.A. - Author: Michaela Conlin
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#12. We need a revolution in development thinking and practice. Foreign aid, debt relief, family planning, democracy, education, and free markets have not succeeded. - Author: William Easterly
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#13. We hold on to so much in our bodies. Yoga helps you let go of things, and it's incredibly grounding. - Author: Michaela Conlin
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#14. I understand how families become estranged, not by design, but by embarrassment. You come to a point when so much time has passed that it seems impossible to make the first move - Author: Michelle Richmond
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#15. One man's cult is another man's religion. - Author: Annie Parisse
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