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#1. It doesn't matter how many times you leave, it will always hurt to come back and remember what you once had and who you once were. Then it will hurt just as much to leave again, and so it goes over and over again.
Once you've started to leave, you will run your whole life. - Author: Charlotte Eriksson
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#2. I never decided at all to be an artist; being an artist seems to have happened to me. - Author: Anne Truitt
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#3. When I began going to school and learned to read, I encountered stories of other people and other lands. - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#4. To me, what's really an important difference between traditional entertainment and digital - on YouTube specifically - is that people thrive when they're authentic about themselves. - Author: Tyler Oakley
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#5. The ordinary man is as courageous and invulnerable as a hero when he does not recognize any danger, when he has no eyes to see it.Conversely, the hero's only vulnerable spot is on his back, and so exactly where he has no eyes. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#6. Let you hold in mind, girls, that your beauty must pass
Like a lovely white clover that rusts with its grass.
Keep your bottoms off barstools and marry you young
Or be left
an old barrel with many a bung. - Author: X.J. Kennedy
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#7. You can follow the action, which gets you good pictures. You can follow your instincts, which will probably get you in trouble. Or, you can follow the money, which nine times out of ten will get you closer to the truth. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#8. What are we promoting in society? Well-behaved automatons that spew back what they learned in a book. That's not science. You can get a parrot to do that. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#9. A fair question could be posed in this fashion: If people are not obeying existing laws, what makes us think they would obey any new laws? - Author: J. D. Hayworth
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